The Five.

Thursday, November 1st, 2012

Elena learns to feed, Bonnie's new friend has a secret and Klaus searches for the answer to Stefan's prayers.

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Damon brings home a box of stuff he took from Connor's RV. He and Stefan chat about 'the five' and hope for some clues. Liz calls and then the brothers bicker about Elena. Damon explains that it looks like Connor is still out there. He tells Stefan to look for him while he takes Elena hunting. Later, in the woods, Elena tells Stefan how hard it is to control herself. She needs Damon's help with it because she can't tempt Stefan with exposure to all that blood. The throw each other around flirtatiously and she promises that he's the one who is really getting her through this. He warns her that it's easy to get caught up in the feeding and lose control.

Bonnie, Damon and Elena drive out to college. They go to a lecture on witches. The girls think the prof is hot. Elena worries to Damon that she's a ripper. He tells her to test it out on someone. After class, the two vamps follow some blond girl. Elena grabs her arm but spots a picture of her little sister on the phone. She orders her back to class. Damon gives her a lecture for wimping out. She can't shake her feelings. Bonnie arrives with an invitation to a frat party. Damon's sure that 'douche central' will provide them with plenty of victims. When night falls, they head to the party. Bonnie goes off to see Professor Shayne while the vampires scan the crowd. When Elena spots a guy roofying a girls' drink, she decides to lure him away. She takes him into the kitchen and starts to feed. Damon has to stop her from killing him. After she send the dude away, she feels good and gives Damon a hug, "I want more," she says. They hit the dance floor and continue feeding as they change partners.

Bonnie goes with Shayne to his office. He shows her the stuff of her grandma's that he has and asks her if she practices too. She says she doesn't anymore. He offers to pass on some of what he knows if she's up for it. When she returns to the party, she sees Elena dancing with Damon. Elena suddenly realizes what she's doing and runs out. She tells Bonnie she should be doing this with Stefan. Bonnie lectures Damon and he lectures her about being a vampire, insisting that the only way to maintain self-control is to revel in the hunt. He drives Elena home. She admits she thinks he's right about what a vampire should be... but she doesn't want to be like him.


Bekah drops into The Grill and hands Matt keys to a new truck. He's not impressed. Her brother says she's trying too hard. Klaus tells her the five are still around. She's startled but insists she doesn't care. He goes home to Connor, who is tied up in 'the red room of pain'. Stefan is waiting for him. Klaus admits he hasn't gotten anything out of the hunter. The vampires go into a different room and Stefan demands some answers. In 1110 AD, a witch conjured a spell in the woods with five hunters. It wrote tattoos across their bodies. Klaus explains that his family came in contact with the five in the twelfth century in Italy. Rebekah fell in love with one of them, Alexander. Klaus offers to tell Stefan more if he'll get his sister back on side. Klaus assures him that the hunter holds the answer to all his prayers.


At the Grill, Matt is dismayed to see that Beks and April seem to be friends. Stefan shows up and tells the vampire that he's willing to start over with her. He even offers to talk to Matt on her behalf. The vamps go back to Klaus'. The siblings bicker over dinner. Klaus sheepishly asks for forgiveness. She agrees to consider it. Klaus begins telling Stefan all about Alexander. He recalls that the five had 'the ultimate weapon'. Klaus explains that the tattoos are a map. He calls Jeremy in. Jer refuses to help. They take his ring and force him. Jeremy soon begins sketching out Connor's tattoos. The hunter explains that the tattoo spread over as he killed more vampires, but he doesn't know what it means. Meanwhile, Klaus explains to Stefan that the mark on the hunter's sword is the key to reading the tattoo. Alexander stabbed Beks while they were in bed. He and the other four hunters killed the originals in their sleep. Because of Klaus's werewolf blood, that failed. Klaus killed all of the hunters. Beks explains that Alexander claimed there is a cure to vampirism. Stefan refuses to believe it. Klaus rants about his little sister's terrible taste in men. She thinks he wants to cure Elena so he can make more hybrids and tells him to shove it. She storms out. Klaus tells Stefan to get the information he needs from Rebekah. Klaus goes in to see Jeremy and gets what he knows out of him. Once Jer is sent home, Connor tries to get free. He bites his hybrid guard's ear, ripping out his ring with his teeth.

Rebekah goes to see Stefan. They discuss Elena. He knows that what she's going to go through is inevitable unless they can save her. She envies the love he has for Elena... but she refuses to do anything to help her brother. He tells her he would take the cure himself just to be with Elena. As she recalls burying Alexander, she reveals that she buried him with his sword. Klaus steps out of the shadows and calls her a fool. He stabs her and tells Stefan to hide her while he flies off to get the sword. "It's just you and me in this," Klaus tells him, swearing him to secrecy. Stefan goes home with Jeremy. He finds Elena and Damon on the porch. Once Damon leaves, she tells Stefan that she had an awful night and she can't live like this. He promises that she can survive this and holds her. Meanwhile, Connor breaks loose, decapitates his guard and goes to see Professor Shayne. On Shayne's wall is part of the tattoo. "Why the hell did you send me there?" Connor asks him.


Cryptic commentary: Poor Beks. She's always getting screwed and she never learns. Loads of information to digest tonight and a whole new layer of vampire history. And while the flashbacks were nice (Elijah sighting) the real highlight was just the inter-character dynamic. Stefan and Klaus are just fun to watch together. Vampire Elena equally so, but why am I getting the feeling that she is going to quickly becoming one of those depressing vampires?

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- Matt Purvis

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