The Rager.

Thursday, October 25th, 2012

Klaus knows who Connor is, Elena has a hard time staying in control, and Rebekah throws a party.

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Tyler is in the hospital. The guard at his door is knocked out by Connor. The hybrid can hear this and is ready for the hunter. Connor still manages to jab a paralytic into his neck, then draws a fluid out of his gums and walks off. The hunter returns to his trailer and leafs through Jeremy's file. When Tyler goes home, Klaus is there with some of his hybrids to serve as bodyguards. He and Tyler bicker. Klaus doesn't want anyone taking liberties with the hybrids he has left.

Damon finds his brother getting on his motorbike. They trade barbs. Damon wants to eat Connor fast now that he has vamp venom in a bottle. Stefan offers to help. They bicker about Elena. Meanwhile, Matt goes to meet Elena at their old make-out spot so she can feed on him. She sucks a little but has to stop herself. They head to class. Stefan is there. They sadly remember it's Alaric's old class. Beks comes in to announce the big party at her new house. They start sniping at each other and then the ladies gouge each other with pencils. Elena runs out. "I hate her and I hate that I hate her!" she complains. She notices Connor down the hall so Stefan trails after him. She goes into the bathroom. Heather walks in bleeding. Beks sent her and joins them, offering Elena some blood. Elena has a fit. They get territorial and Beks rubs blood on her face. "I think it's dodge-ball day," she sneers. Beks goes down the hall. She runs into Matt and tries apologizing but gets the silent treatment. Meanwhile, Elena goes out to vent to Stefan and Caroline. He says they should blow off some steam and doles out therapeutic advice. She goes off to change. Caroline tells Stefan he should go on "The View."

Connor has cornered Jer in an empty class. He knows his family history and asks him why he can see his invisible tattoo. He assumes Jer must be a hunter too and offers to train him. Connor goes down the hall and holds a knife to Matt's neck, demanding to know who the bloodsucker is. "It's Rebekah," Matt grunts.

Damon visits Connor's trailer. It's booby-tapped so he soon has an arrow in his chest that's rigged to explosives. "Uh yeah," he groans. He calls Meredith for help. As she cuts the arrow out of his chest, he reads the pastor's leftover letter. She teases him about being the good brother. When he gets home, he finds Elena looking for his bourbon. She needs to be drunk to go to the party. He guesses she's really looking for the white oak stake. He takes off his shirt. She stares at his pants and then abruptly runs off to look for the stake. She and Stefan meet up and head to the party at Beks'. Elena gives the host a hate stare and then notices April is there. They chat in the kitchen about the 'accidental' explosion until Beks interrupts. She sends April off and Elena accuses her of blowing up the council. She swipes Elena's ring and dumps in the food disposal. Elena burns but manages to get her ring. Before she can run off with a stake, Stefan appears. He reminds her that killing Beks will kill every vampire she ever turned. He thinks the guilt would destroy her. Before they can leave, she does a handstand on a keg and chugs it. Beks is not amused. She starts having weird flashes. Stefan and Elena head off on his bike. She stands on the back as they speed along. They wind up rolling around in bed. She looks at him and sees Damon so she kicks him off. Suddenly, they see her skin bubbling. She keeps imagining Damon.

Hayley shows up at Tyler's and surprises him. She helped him conquer his sire bond. She bounds around and starts drinking. Caroline shows up. Tyler tells her he can't go out and she can't come in but encourages her to go to the party. Meanwhile, Klaus meets Hayley. She says he has a repulsive reputation. He guesses what she got up to with Tyler. Later, he starts teasing Tyler about it. He guesses Caroline is clueless. Damon calls to ask Tyler to go vampire hunter hunting. Klaus decides he'll go instead.


Jer meets Connor at the trailer and they head over to the hospital. Jer points out Meredith. Connor notices Damon and follows him. When he pulls out his gun, arrows rigged to bombs shoot into him. He reaches for the gun anyway. Klaus appears. The vampires take out the pastor's note and start quizzing him. When Klaus grabs one of his stakes, he sees a sign on it. "You're one of the five," Klaus mutters. Damon's clueless. Connor triggers the explosive. After the cops and fire department come, Damon meets up with Meredith, who isn't pleased that he blew up part of her hospital. She refuses to be his new partner in crime. Later, Connor wakes up in his trailer. Klaus is there. He saved him but he's surprised to learn that the hunter doesn't know his own history.


Matt drops by Beks' to see her. Her skin is bubbling. Matt says it's amazing that she could be a loser for a thousand years and tells her she doesn't deserve love. She rips out his heart. This was a hallucination. She passes out. April wakes her up later. Beks offers to help her find out what happened to her family. Meanwhile, Klaus goes to see Stefan and Elena. He begs the original to help. Elena has werewolf blood in her so Klaus is the only one who can help her. He gives her the cure. Later, Stefan goes home and calls Caroline over. They recall when she turned. He just wants Elena to enjoy turning, but he thinks it puts him at risk of becoming the ripper again. Stefan hope she can help. She offers to be there for him whenever he feels like he might lose control. Across town, Elena meets with Matt. She tells him about all of the terrible thoughts in her mind. He lets her feed on him. She sucks until it hurts him. Damon rushes in and pulls her off. She begins apologizing. Damon sends him home. He offers to teach her the right way to be a vampire.


Cryptic commentary: That was a bit sedate for a Mystic Falls party. Vampire Elena is growing on me fast. Her scenes with Rebekah were great. Also nice were the Stefan and Caroline scenes. Are we going to see their relationship get developed more? It's hardly been touched for the past two seasons. And thankfully Klaus was back this week and already found a way to break up Tyler and Caroline. Other nice touches: feeding at the old make-out spot.

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- Matt Purvis

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