Thursday, October 18th, 2012

Elena has trouble feeding and a new vampire hunter comes to town.

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Damon says his brother is delusional if he he thinks that Elena will be able to live only on animal blood. "You better hope she's not a fan of Bambi," Damon jokes. Stefan doesn't think her compassion will let her kill. They debate it. "This is like giving a kid a calculator before they know math," Damon snipes. Elena interrupts. Damon lectures them about the food pyramid. Later, Elena wakes up in the woods with Stefan. He teaches her to hunt. That quickly leads to them nearly doing it in the trees. She stops to vomit blood. Stefan takes her home and gives her wine. He assures her the blood will go down easier one day.

Searching the remains of the burned out pastor's house, Connor finds a letter addressed to April in the stove. Over at The Grill, Liz questions Damon about the explosion. Connor shows up and takes the cop off to discuss the explosion. Elena arrives. She admits to Damon that she can't keep the animal blood down. Since she won't kill anyone in The Grill, he takes her to the bathroom and offers her his blood. She sucks it up and he strokes her hair.

At the Lockwood's, Caroline pushes Tyler off of her. He says they need to have grief sex. It's Mystic Falls: without it, there would be no sex. Connor arrives downstairs and barges in to question the mayor. Tyler runs down. When he shakes Connor's hand, he starts to convulse. Connor shoots him onto the floor. Tyler peels himself off and leaps out the window. The vampire hunter runs after him. Caroline comes down the stairs. Later, Caroline and Tyler wind up at Stefan's. He starts pulling out the bullets. They're special and etched with something. Stefan goes to see Bonnie. She tells him about what a mess she is. He shows her the writing on the bullets but she explains it's not magical writing.


At the school, Matt and Jer discuss Elena. Matt feels bad. April shows up, fresh from boarding school. Her dad was the pastor who was blown up. "I'm not much for grief," she says. Matt later runs into Elena at the church as the memorial is being prepared. She goes off to hug April. When Elena touches her hand, she starts to shudder. She runs into the bathroom and pukes blood in the toilet, then the sink and all over herself. She calls Damon for help as she begins cleaning. Connor shows up but she won't let him in. Damon arrives and hands her a dress through the door. He and Connor banter. The hunter trudges off and stabs April when he finds her in the temple balcony. Outside, Damon tries feeding Elena but she can't handle it. He thinks it might be a doppelganger problem. The bells ring. She rushes back inside as Stefan arrives. The brothers bicker about Elena going off the rails. Damon thinks they should just get that over with now and pointedly tells him he let her feed on him. Inside, the ceremony starts. April is called up but nowhere to be found. Connor is perched upstairs with a gun. He takes aim as Elena goes up to speak. As she talks, all of the vampire notice April's blood dripping down from above. Stefan helps Elena down when she starts shaking. The congregation sings and Stefan tries to keep her calm. Matt offers to let her feed from him. He has her lean on his shoulder and chew on his neck. Tyler slips up to the front and begins speaking about the pastor. Connor takes a shot at him from the balcony. Everyone runs for the doors. Elena sneaks upstairs and is about to feed on April when Caroline stops her. "She's an orphan, just like you," she points out. She revives April with some of her blood and forces Elena to help her. They erase her memories and replace them with something nice. Outside, Damon rips the door off Connor's truck. They tussle. Connor shoots him and runs off. Stefan comes by and punches his brother in the face for putting the moves on Elena.

At The Grill, Jer compliments Connor on his tattoo. Connor is startled. As Jer and Matt walk off, Matt tells him there was no tattoo. Connor head back to his room and reads the note from the pastor to April. Meanwhile, at home, Stefan gives Elena a drink. He's mad that she lied to him about things going well. He doesn't like her going to his brother to help. She's sorry for sucking on his brother. Her life feels like a never-ending funeral. He takes her out to the park. They meet their friends and Stefan says they need to let themselves grieve. They each light a lantern for someone they've lost. Damon refuses and walks away. He goes to the graveyard to drink and talk to Alaric's stone about what a bunch of children they are. Damon can't believe he's still stuck there taking care of them. "I miss you too buddy," Ric's spirit tells him.


Cryptic Commentary: That was really good episode. Much stronger than last week's. They hit so many notes, with a perfect balance of humor and action. While we got two new characters, we didn't learn anything about them and are left with even more questions than last week. But that's okay because it was a character building episode. Elena's already changed more in two episodes than she did last season. It was nice to Ric. Does this mean we can get some more glimpses on Jenna later on?

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- Matt Purvis

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