Growing Pains.

Thursday, October 11th, 2012

Klaus wants his body back, the pastor takes over the council and Elena needs to feed.

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In her bed, Elena gasps as she wakes up. Stefan is by her side. Damon is across the room moping. Stefan explains that there was an accident and Matt didn't save her. Meredith healed her with vampire blood and then she died in Matt's truck. "Am I dead? That wasn't supposed to happen?" she panics. Stefan suggests Bonnie might have a way out. Damon thinks that's twaddle. The brothers go to the kitchen to bicker. Stefan is determined to fix things. Back upstairs, Jer joins his sister. She insists she's fine but the light bulbs are bugging her out. "I need my sister, not another one of them," he says. She promises things will be okay and then smashes a bulb. Elena goes to the kitchen and nearly pukes when she eats a sandwich. She and Stefan beat themselves up about what's happened and she giggles manically about how cliched she is. This turns to crying. She goes back upstairs and has a Damon flashback of him saying he doesn't deserve her. It was one of the memories he'd erased.

Pastor Young and his minions arrive at the hospital and tell Dr. Fell that they are securing the blood bank. Alaric told them everything. He suggests she find a new job. Down the hall, Caroline is with Matt. She doesn't know where to go and sobs to him about Tyler. The pastor goes around town with his men. They arrest the mayor and take Liz out of office. She calls her daughter and hopes she's far out of town. A deputy runs up to the blonde and shoves a needle in her neck. The deputies grab Stefan and Elena next.

Tyler-Klaus is with Bonnie in the crypt. He's eager to get back in his ashen body but she insists other things need to be taken care of first. She runs off. The mayor calls Tyler. Klaus learns that the council took Caroline. Meanwhile, Rebekah is at home missing Klaus. She smashes some things and Damon strolls in. "Does Matt have automobile insurance?" she snipes. They fight until shots come through the window, including an arrow. When she comes to, she's in the council's van with Caroline. It crashes. Tyler-Klaus rips off the door and helps Caroline out. "Keep 'em busy little sister," he whispers to Rebekah. He and Caroline go out to the woods and start making out against a tree. When he calls her 'love', she guesses he's Klaus and slaps him.


Bonnie and Jer are in the crypt but the spirits aren't listening. She thinks she can go to the other side and nab Elena. That means Bonnie would have to kill herself. He doesn't like that idea but she says she has the power to do it. As she does the spell, she bleeds and keels over. Spirit-Bonnie finds Elena and tries to free her. The witch's grandma shows up and orders her to go home. Tyler-Klaus soon shows up with Caroline and orders his spell. She won't do it. Tyler-Klaus threatens to rip out his heart and leap into a different body. Before he can, the witch stops him and agrees to help. After Klaus is out of Tyler, Bonnie's grandma reappears and she has to watch her get killed by ghosts.


Fell and Liz are speaking to Damon at Elena's Matt arrives. Damon throws him at the wall and threatens him. Meanwhile, the pastor has Elena in hiding at his ranch. He's clueless she's dead and explains what's going on. She looks like a junky having a fit and bolts for the woods. A deputy clobbers her. She wakes up in a cage in the barn with Beks and Stefan. The blond figures out what's going on and gloats. Elena needs blood fast or she's dead. They call in a deputy to complain. He shoots Stefan. Later, Stefan gasps and tells Elena he loves her. She explains that she loves him and picked him. That's the best choice she ever made. After she passes out, Beks and Stefan team up to kill the deputy so he can bleed into Elena's cell. She feeds off the pool of blood on the floor.

Damon takes Matt out to the ranch. He bites him and yells for the pastor, threatening to kill Matt. The deputies shoot Damon. He hops up and kills them. He's about to kill Matt when Elena leaps on top of him. Later, Stefan finds Matt in the barn and they argue about saving him over Elena. Stefan tells him he better earn his life. Meanwhile, back at home, Elena tells Damon that she now remembers everything he made her forget. He wanted to give her the life she wanted. She goes up to the roof with Stefan. He wishes she wasn't becoming a vampire. "I'll be with you forever... if I want," she says as the dawn comes. He slips the daylight ring Bonnie made on her finger and they kiss.

Rebekah goes home and finds her brother packing blood. She has a fit about how he's always abandoning her. After she smashes his blood bags, he declares that she's not his sister anymore and snaps her neck. Back at the ranch the next morning, the pastor, gathers his flock in the kitchen, declares that they have a special future, turns on the gas and blows them up.


Cryptic Commentary: That was fun. And fast. It seemed like it only lasted a few minutes. Tyler in Klaus was fun, but I was very happy to see him pop up again in his old body at the end. Elena was actually taking to being a vampire remarkably well and quick. But the real surprise was the pastor and all of these other town people. Are we finally going to get even more of the broader scope of Mystic Falls that Kevin Williamson has promised? It looks good.

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