The Murder Of One.

Thursday, March 29th, 2012

The latest scheme from the Salvatores hits a serious snag and an original bites the dust.

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Elena goes to see Ric and Damon, who won't let her in. Damon tries to grab her muffins but she says they are for Ric. He shuts the door on her. He, Stefan and Ric get back to carving stakes out of the sign. As they whittle, Alaric declares that he wants to turn himself in. They tell him he can't do that yet because they still need to kill Klaus. Damon offers him the ring. Meanwhile, Elena takes Caroline to the woods to tell her Ric killed her dad. She takes a minute to digest this and then Matt shows up, followed by the Salvatores. They explain that they found some more white oak and pull out a bag of weapons. Stefan rehashes how they only have to kill one of the originals. They go over the plan.


Klaus tracks down Finn and tells him he needs his help. Finn doesn't want to. Klaus tells him he has a witch who can do the unlinking spell. Finn stomps off. Rebekah hunts him down. She and Klaus drag him back to his house. Sage is waiting. She and Finn embrace. Bekah leaves to hunt for Damon. She heads straight to his place and shoves a blade into his guts. She takes him home, straps him to the ceiling with animals traps and starts bleeding the vervane out of his body. Klaus wanders in to make some jokes and then wanders out. He has Bonnie in another room and tells her to hurry up. She doesn't think she's strong enough to cast his spell. He's not impressed and calls Kol, who has been watching Jeremy and sends video. Bonnie gasps. Meanwhile, Damon keeps bleeding until he sees Elena come in. He asks her to release him from the traps. They stumble off. He can't move but she refuses to leave him and makes him drink her blood. They're about to kiss when he snaps out of it. It was just a hallucination that Bekah put in his head. She stabs him again. His screams annoy Bonnie. Klaus tells her not to get emotional. He offers to find her mother or bring her back in bits. Klaus has the blood of all the siblings ready and prompts her to do the spell. She finally does it. Klaus escorts her out. She spots bloody Damon and gasps. He tells her she can save the man who turned her mom. She doesn't take him up on the offer.


Sage and Finn wander around town waxing nostalgic. She's never stopped loving him and doesn't want him to die. Elena spots them and calls Stefan. He warns her not to go against Sage herself and then discovers that his brother is gone. Later, Caroline arrives to check on Ric. He apologizes for killing her father. She tells him about how much she's enjoyed killing people and says they all have blood on their hands. Meanwhile, Sage and Finn go drinking at the Grill. Stefan eavesdrops on them and slips Matt a vervane to put in their tequila. They drink it, spit it out and run after Stefan. Sage stops Stefan from killing Finn but Elena and Matt run out to finish the job. Sage is heartbroken as he internally combusts. The vampire killers go home and Bonnie calls to say that she did an unlinking spell and Klaus is still alive. She's so upset she hangs up. Elena and Stefan argue about what to do next. He refuses to let Klaus survive "I miss well-adjusted Stefan," Caroline says. Sage shows up and throws Stefan across the room. Suddenly, she and her minion start puking blood all over the floor and shrivel up. Stefan guesses that for every original killed, every vamp they turned dies right after and the deaths continue all the way down the bloodline.


Back at Klaus', Stefan arrives to get his brother. Rebekah and Klaus show themselves. Stefan shows them eight stakes and tells them Finn is dead. He offers them the stakes in exchange for Damon. Klaus compels Damon to admit how many stakes there really are. "Eleven," Damon groans. After Klaus taunts Stefan, he tries attacking him. Klaus makes him step down and takes the stake away. He warns him that if he doesn't get the other two, he will destroy everyone he cares about. Rebekah lets them go. Klaus and his sister discuss their dead brother. He thinks Finn is better off dead. She wonders if he would say the same about her. She says that at least the Salvatores care about family. He's already planning to make a new family of hybrids.


At the Salvatore's, Elena explains that they still have three stakes. They start going over who turned who and who they can kill. Caroline points out that they already know that Klaus turned Tyler. Later, Elena and Stefan discuss the day. He tells her that all of this fighting isn't worth it. It's all over and they've lost. She tries to put a positive spin on it. He doesn't buy it. She says she's never stopped loving him. "This is all my fault," he says, telling her she also loves his brother. When he asks her to look him in the eye and tell him she doesn't, she can't. Meanwhile, Damon goes to Ric's to get the last stake. It has gone missing. They realize that his alternative personality must have it.


Cryptic commentary: I really wish they'd stop introducing characters and killing them off. It's lame. But this bloodline complication is a really nice touch. It's like gambling. This must be part of what brings Tyler back in the near future. Again, we got an enjoyable Damon torture scene and a few nice little bits between Rebekah and her brother. It was so good to see Klaus again. And that ending... hilarious. It was like "Days of our Lives."

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