Break On Through.

Thursday, March 22nd, 2012

Sage attempts to outsmart Damon, Ric loses control and Abby can't cope.

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Alaric is at the hospital undergoing tests. Meredith admits to Elena that she isn't sure what she's looking for; she just wants to help him. As he lies in the MRI machine, he notices that his reflection isn't exactly reflecting him. He comes out and the tests say he's normal. Ric insists that there is nothing wrong with him... or maybe he's insane. Elena thinks they should call Bonnie in to see if she can cast a spell. He asks her to take the ring. Damon shows up to get them. He and Elena start bickering about Stefan. "We're predators, not puppies," he tells her. She doesn't think he's the right person to teach his brother about self-control. Fell and the three of them head to Wickery Bridge for a press conference. Damon spots Sage and wanders over to her. "My hottest teacher," he says. Rebekah joins them. The bickering starts. The blond leaves. Sage tells Damon that Finn is her one true love and she's been searching for him. They discuss Bekah and she offers to get into her head for him. He smirks and then tracks down Rebekah to flirt. He asks her to come home with him for a threesome. She shoots him down.


Elena goes to the Salvatores and runs into Stefan. She's there to get a book about Samantha. He explains that her ancestor went crazy and died from a botched lobotomy. Later, Damon comes home and finds his brother sucking blood bags in the basement. He accuses him of stress eating. They bicker about Elena. Damon goes upstairs. Sage is there chewing on a piano player. They bicker about Finn until Bekah shows up. She starts chewing on the piano player. Damon joins her. He says he wants her, not Sage. They make out. After they go up to bed, Sage sneaks in once Rebekah is asleep. She does some kind of mind reading thing and then gets into the shower. Damon joins her and, using magical kisses, she feeds him Rebekah's thoughts about the oak tree. They go down to look at the milling records so he can find out where the magic tree would have been sent. It turns out that it went to the Wickery Bridge. Sage says that's a problem for her. She threatens to rip his head off if he tries to make a weapon out of that wood. He promises just to kill Rebekah and let her have Finn. He steps away to put on some pants and she disappears. He rushes off to the bridge and finds that Rebekah and Sage have burned it down. He threatens to kill Sage. She throws him around and tells him he couldn't do it. He rants about Finn and vows to kill him as soon as he finds a way.


Caroline goes to see Bonnie at her mom's with a fridge full of blood. Abby's standing in the garden and sadly says she can't feel her connection to the earth anymore. Bonnie doesn't know how to help her. Caroline wanders off to see Jamie. He's jumpy around her and admits that he's also afraid of Abby. She tells him to get over himself and then answers a call from Elena. She asks for help with Ric. Jamie goes in the house and chats with Bonnie. When Abby walks in, they hug. She starts biting him then screams and leaps back. Her doctor takes her outside and assures her that they can still make this work. Caroline comes out to say that he's fine but she needs a favor.


Ric and Meredith are in the house looking at his history of arrests. He explains that he slew her cousin Logan. She insists the vampire thing is not her fight. Later, Elena joins them and says that Bonnie offered to help but needs something personal from him. He suggests his wedding ring. Elena goes to get it from Ric's. Stefan is waiting for her. He tries to explain himself and then tells her some of the information he's found. They argue about her obsession with saving people. When opening a drawer, they discover it's full of photos of murder victims. There is also a note to Jeremy, asking him to carry on his work. Meanwhile, Ric empties out Meredith's tranquilizers when her back is turned. When he joins her in the kitchen, he picks up a knife and asks her if she feels remorse... because she should. He stabs at her and chases her around. Later, Elena returns as Ric walks down the stairs with a bloody hand. He makes an excuse and asks for his ring. She claims she couldn't find it and then spots the blood knife on the floor. Before he can lunge at her, Stefan rushes in and grabs him. He knocks him out and then asks her upstairs. They find Meredith a bloody mess in the bathroom. He lets her drink his blood.


The next morning, Alaric wakes up and Damon informs him they are taking him out of town to put him under 'house arrest light'. Downstairs, Bonnie brings some herbs for Ric and talks to Elena about working things through with her mom. Elena starts apologizing and they hug. She calls her brother to check in. He got a dog. She doesn't tell him about anything that's been going on. Across town, Damon heads home and finds his brother having a drink. Damon pulls out the Wickery Bridge sign he salvaged and explains that they still have enough to make a weapon. "Let's go kill some originals," he says.


Out at Abby's, Caroline is working in the garden with Jamie. When she goes inside, she finds Abby writing a goodbye note. Caroline lectures her about running away and tells her that no one is better off without their parent. She begs her to stay. Abby walks out.


Cryptic commentary: I think I'm starting to have Klaus withdrawal. Shouldn't they have been worried about Jeremy having a ring before this? I feel bad about Ric. For awhile I thought that they were going to end the episode without that little twist but the snuck it in at the last moment.

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