Thursday, March 15th, 2012

Damon and Stefan face an episode from their past while the case against Alaric takes a surprising twist.

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Ric wakes up in a cell confused. He tells Liz that he is innocent. She explains that Dr. Fell shot him and then revived him with vampire blood. Ric claims that Fell is trying to frame him. Damon offers to find some proof. She tells him not to get involved. Outside, Elena and Matt are jogging. He explains that he's talked to Bonnie and her mom has decided to become a vampire after all. Caroline will help her through it. Elena beats herself up about it until Liz calls about Ric. Elena runs over to the station and into Damon. He tells her that he's staying out of this mess. She thinks he should feel bad about Bonnie's mom. "You think I should send lasagna?" he jokes. Back down in the cells, Liz argues with Ric about the evidence Fell has been building against him. He doesn't have any alibis for the killings. Out in the parking lot, Elena trails after Meredith. She tells Elena that Alaric has a long and violent history. "Your guardian is a murderer," she says.


Damon goes home and starts teasing Stefan as he writes his vampire diary. They chat about 1912, the last time Mystic Falls had a serial killer. He digs up one of Stefan's diaries. They flashback to the year that Stefan returned for his nephew Zacharia's funeral. He chats with some of the Gilberts about the recent deaths. Damon shows up. He's still annoyed that his brother made him a vampire. After some bickering, Stefan suggests they grab a drink.

Elena and Matt break into Dr. Fell's apartment to snoop. It doesn't take long to find a hidden trove of documents on Ric and the murder victims. As they search through them, they hear Meredith return and hide in the closet. After they think she's left, they get out but she's waiting for them. They're dragged down to the station and tell the sheriff about what they found. Liz lectures them and gives them the boot, saying that Ric will be released as soon as the evidence clearing him is authenticated.


Carol and Rebekah meet at the Grill to chat about the old trees around town. Damon walks by and gives the vamp the evil eye. As the women chat about logging, the Salvatore brothers sit at the bar and discuss the recent murders. As they compare them to the killings in 1912, Beks joins them and asks about their tree farming. They're more interested in their past. Damon recalls Sage. They flashback to Damon meeting her at a boxing tournament. She enticed Damon by stuffing a dollar bill down his pants. Back in the present, the brothers keep wondering about the killings. Beks doesn't appreciate Damon insisting a woman couldn't do it. She recalls how boring they used to be. Damon remembers Sage teaching him to relish killing people. She encouraged him to seduce Elena's great-grandma. Back in the present, Stefan's fidgety and that keeps ruining the mood. He's freaking out from his fasting. They file out and Beks talks about how much fun Stefan used to be. Damon grabs a woman and starts feeding on her, Stefan tries to stop him but his brother offers him a feed. Stefan snarls and paces but eventually feeds. Damon tells Beks to scram and then releases the victim. Elena and Matt wander by. She's shocked by what she's seeing. Matt pulls her away. Stefan stomps away.


Matt and Elena go back to her place. She tells him how safe she used to feel with Stefan, even if that sounds crazy. She loved him because it felt as if he would never die... like her parents. Damon just got under her skin and she hasn't been able to shake him. He hands her the Samantha Gilbert journal he swiped from Fell's place. Ric arrives. She runs over and hugs him. He doesn't want her getting in trouble for him. She thinks they should agree to take care of each other. Meredith shows up. Ric isn't happy to see her. She has some explaining to do. Fell thinks that he is insane and has been doing all of the killings and even attacked himself. He's died so many times, and come back with the magic ring, that it must have changed him. Elena comes down form reading Samantha's diary and says that Meredith might be right.


Damon goes home and finds his brother staring at the fire. He assures him he will be king of moderation again one day. Stefan doesn't want his help. His brother reminds him of the last time he said that, in 1912. They remember killing a Gilbert together and how selfish Stefan was about it. After the killing, Stefan started freaking out. Damon knows he let him go over the edge and didn't even want to stop him. He wants to stop him now. "Right now, you're all I've got," Damon tells his brother. He plays the piano and Stefan digs up some stuff from the archives. He found out that Samantha Gilbert confessed to all the killings. Damon says that's weird because he killed her. They ponder this.


Cryptic commentary: Damon plays the piano? Some really nice scenes between the brothers this week and a really good scene between Elena and Matt. It was an odd episode though. I expected it to be more like the other flashback episodes, but it was much more low key. It also had a great amount of humor and a nice final twist. Things sure are not looking good for Ric though, anyway you cut it. On a side note: is that all we get of Sage? If that's all there is, it didn't live up to the hype.

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