All My Children.

Thursday, February 16th, 2012

Another battle to save Elena breaks out when the originals band together to take down their mother.

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Elena lies awake in bed with her teddy bear. She tries calling Stefan but he won't pick up. She calls Damon next. He does pick up but he's busy and hangs up on her before rolling over to Rebekah. After she slips on her dress, he walks her to the door. Elena is there. Beks smirks and leaves. "What's wrong with you?" Elena asks Damon. He claims bedding Beks has nothing to do with her hurting his feelings. She turns the topic to Esther's plan to slaughter her own family. She doesn't think Elijah deserves that but he thinks this is a win-win. Stefan magically appears and backs his brother up. Elena storms out and over to Bonnie's to moan about it. Caroline arrives to hear about 'the vampire gigolo'. Bonnie tells her friend that Esther has been channeling her. Elena wonders if they should stop that. She doesn't feel right about letting Elijah die. Caroline and Bonnie tell her he'll be dead by the end of the night. Back at the Salvatores, the brothers bicker about Elena. Stefan thinks she's better off without both of them.


Rebekah goes home. Kol teases her about being a strumpet and asks Klaus to come out for some fun. As they tumble out, Elijah tells his sister their mom has been acting strange. She thinks their mom just loves them. He goes over to Elena's to pick her up for a drive. They go out to the woods and he gives her a history tour, telling her about all of the tunnels under the ground. He admires her noble qualities but accuses her of lying to his face. She comes clean about everything and wishes she could help. He stomps a hole into the ground and takes her under. He disappears. She jogs around and bumps into Rebekah, who gets threatening. Elena insists that none of this is her fault. Beks finds all of this incredibly annoying.


Alaric calls Damon looking for Elena. They bicker and then the vamp guesses he must be with 'sexy psycho doctor'. Ric hangs up and turns to Meredith, who tells him that there's no way to tell who attacked him. She thinks it must have been a vampire. Klaus and Kol saddle up at the bar and tell them not to blame the newbies. Meanwhile, the Salvatores meet up at home and find Elijah there. He wants their help killing his mother and that means they need to kill the witches. If they don't do that, then Rebekah will kill Elena. After he departs, the brothers brainstorm. Damon thinks they might just have to kill them but then suggests they dagger Elijah. Since doing that will kill a vampire, they should get Ric to do it.


Back in the tunnels, Elena runs as Rebekah gets woozy. She manages to outrun her to a protected area. Beks gets some gas and starts splashing it around. When she sets the place on fire, she challenges Elena to come out. Elena refuses to think she will actually kill her and accuses her of just sleeping with Damon because she hurt her feelings.


Caroline wanders into the Grill. Klaus makes a pass at her. She walks away and his brother teases him, Klaus runs after her. She tells him and his romantic drawings to leave her alone. He dares her to get to know him. She assures him that she's too smart to be seduced. "That's why I like you," he says. Back in the Grill, Kol tries flirting with Meredith. Ric doesn't like that and daggers him. All over town, the vamps start dropping. Outside, Klaus is bleeding and upset. He runs in to help his brother, pouncing on Ric and then bickering with Damon. Elijah pops up and demands to know where the witches are. The brothers drive off looking for the witches. Damon thinks they should just kill Bonnie. Only one of them needs to do it and feel the hate of Elena. They flip a coin for it.


Bonnie and her mom meet Esther and Finn at the old mansion. She tells them that she is drawing her power from their bloodline to bring peace to the spirits of nature. As it gets dark, they prepare things. She explains that she will reverse the spell that made them vampires and then kill them. The sons arrive. Kol gets sarcastic. Esther wishes they'd all died a thousand years ago. She's been watching them all from Hell as they butchered people for a thousand years and she won't forgive them. In the house, the Bennetts have gone down to the basement. Stefan pops up and tells Bonnie his options. Meanwhile, Damon leaps on Bonnie's mom, cracks her neck and makes her drink his blood. This breaks the bloodline and leads to Esther's spell going up in smoke. Bonnie takes her mom home. Elena shows up after learning about what happened from Rebekah. Caroline won't let her in because Bonnie blames her for what happened to her mom. When Elena gets home, she finds a note from Elijah, telling her how much he appreciates her compassion.


Meredith takes Ric to her place to check him out. "It sucks getting my ass kicked on a date," he says. "That's what you get for picking fights with guys thirty times your age," she jokes. When she goes to sleep, he looks through her records and finds a dagger. As he looks up, she leaps out and shoots him. Over at the Salvatores, Stefan tells his brother that he should have been the one to turn Abby. Damon thinks he's really going back to his old self and teases him for giving up human blood. Stefan accuses him of still loving Elena. "I do," Damon says, but she doesn't want him. "I'm better at being the bad guy anyway," he adds. Over at the mansion, Rebekah strolls in and finds Elijah. He tells her he feels bad for all the pain he caused today. She thinks they're better than everyone else but he thinks they're monsters. After he somberly walks off, she sees Klaus burning drawings. All of the other brothers and their mother have run off. She says he's the only one she can rely on now. She shows him a photo of a native calendar from the caves and they realize that there is a new white oak tree where the old one was destroyed. "That tree could kill us," she says.


Cryptic commentary: Lots more from the original brothers. That was all good, but are they really running off so soon? I refuse to believe it. Klaus and Caroline are so cute – even if it is kind of over the top - but I feel like I'm watching a different show when they're together. And I'm a bit irked by the fact that Rebekah is a thousand years old and they write her like she's sixteen. I'm even more irked by the sight that Stefan seems to be going back to his old ways so fast. At least the undying triangle could get a tad more complicated now that Elena and Elijah obviously have some kind of deep bond. Now that would be exciting to explore.

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