Dangerous Liaisons.

Thursday, February 9th, 2012

Esther throws a mysterious ball and launches a plan with Elena's help.

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Matt and Elena walk the hospital chatting about all of the chaos. He heads off. When she gets in her car, she back up and hits something. Elena gets out to check and Rebekah grabs her by the throat. She throws her around until Elijah pops up and orders her off. She thinks they're both pathetic and leaves. He fills her in about his mom. The next morning, Elena fills in the Salvatores. They're shocked that the original mother isn't out for revenge. Elena believes it all. A letter is delivered to her door. It's an invitation to a ball. Damon doesn't want to get them a housewarming gift. There's a note from Esther asking to meet her. The brothers bicker about whether that's a good idea.


At the mansion, Klaus rants at his sister for going after Elena. He bickers with his little brother until Esther interrupts. She takes her son away and tells him he needs to give his siblings time to become forgiving. She teases him about who he will bring as a date.


Tyler calls Caroline and leaves a message apologizing for running away. After she hangs up, she finds a gift at the door. It contains an invitation and a dance request from Klaus. She likes the outfit he sent. She goes to meet Elena at the Grill and complain. Elena wants Caroline to come as her bodyguard. Caroline is miffed she had to hear about the Damon kiss from Bonnie. Rebekah shows up to sneer at Elena and then putters off to invite Matt. The girls don't like this. Caroline goes home and puts on the dress from Klaus.


Damon is at the mansion teasing Carol. She says she's just there to protect things. Kol introduces himself to her. He snubs Damon. Elena arrives. Stefan and Damon race over to tell her she shouldn't be there. She won't leave. Across the room, Klaus spots Caroline. She avoids him. Elijah welcomes everyone and announces it's time for a waltz. Elena tries sneaking off to see Esther but Damon gets in her way and they wind up waltzing until Stefan cuts in. She wants to talk to him in private. Klaus dances with Caroline. She doesn't want condolences so he flirts. Rebekah dances with Damon and they exchange vague insults. She meets with Kol and they decide to kill Matt to annoy their mom. Meanwhile, Stefan and Elena slip out. She asks him to make sure she gets to see Esther alone. They go back in after texting Damon. When they meet him, Stefan 'kills' him. While Damon is down, Elena runs upstairs. Elijah catches her in the hall and tells her his mom has been behaving a little strange. He asks her to tell him what she says.


Elena enters Esther's room as Finn leaves. She starts gushing questions. Esther explains that one of Bonnie's ancestors preserved her body for a thousand years. She explains that there is one way for her to undo the evil she created but she'll need some help. She has gathered her children to perform a ritual and she needs some doppelganger blood for a champagne toast. They prick her finger and drip blood into a glass. She explains that the spell she will cast will join all of her children together. If they are all one, than she can kill them all at once. If Klaus remains solitary, he will stay unkillable. When Elena leaves, Elijah asks her what she said. She claims his mom has forgiven Klaus. Downstairs, Damon revives. The brothers argue about who is a bigger dick and Stefan accuses his brother of letting his emotions endanger Elena.


Klaus finds Caroline looking at his horse outside. He says he fancies her. She tries to act like she's taken. They discuss losing their fathers and then she goes back in. Across the yard, Rebekah walks with Matt. It's cold so he puts his jacket on her. Her brother pops up so she abruptly ushers Matt back in. Everyone has gathered in the hall again. Champagne is handed out and a toast is made. Klaus leads Caroline away to look at some of his paintings. He offers to take her around the world. She asks him to give Tyler his life back. He asks her to leave. She starts psychoanalyzing him and storms off. Meanwhile, Damon corners Elena and lectures her for disobeying him. "I'm mad at you because I love you!" he blurts out. She thinks that's a problem. Caroline interrupts, looking for Matt. He's been called up to the balcony by Kol. Before the vampire can attack him, Damon rushes between. The vamps throw each other off the building. Stefan runs out to stop them. Damon trudges away. Back inside, Esther rants at Elijah about the violence. He promises to keep his siblings under control. After he walks off, Finn joins his mother and he asks her if she's having second thoughts. She's not. She cuts his hand on a paper and casts a spell that begins joining the siblings together. The paper burns.

Caroline goes home and calls Tyler to say she wishes he was there. She finds another gift on her bed. It's a picture of her and a horse. Meanwhile, Stefan walks Elena home and she fills him in. She's feeling bad about her part in killing a whole family. They share an awkward moment and he excuses himself. She stops him and asks him if he really doesn't care. He admits that he hates himself for what he did to her, but if he lets himself care, all he can feel is pain. Across town, Rebekah meets Matt at the Grill and offers to buy him a drink. He'd rather be left alone. After he walks off, Damon wanders over and teases her. They start drinking and he suggests she find someone more durable than Matt. They head back to his place and tear off each other's clothes.


Cryptic commentary: That wasn't quite what I was expecting. Bloody witches... I was disappointed we didn't get more of an introduction to the other members of the original family. It's almost like an episode was missing. I guess we'll have to wait for that. Becks and Damon hooking up is no surprise, however, I was surprised that I actually felt something for Stefan and Elena and even would have been happy to see them get back together. And we finally got some more of the softer side of Klaus, although having him paint pinkish horsies in a little love note might have been over the top.

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