Bringing Out The Dead.

Thursday, February 2nd, 2012

Klaus gets his family back and Caroline loses someone in hers.

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At home, Klaus is surprised to see Elijah alive again. They throw each other through some walls. "Easy! I just finished renovating!" Klaus complains. He threatens to stab him again and then explains that he killed Michael. Klaus adds that Stefan has kept their siblings locked up and asks him to remember their oath of loyalty. After putting a dagger in one of the bodies, he asks Elijah to help him destroy Stefan so the family can be whole again.


Alaric is hung over at Elena's. He chats with her about Meredith until Sheriff Forbes shows up. She shows them the stake that went through the coroner's heart. It has Elena's prints on it. She calls Damon to tell him. He assumes Meredith framed her but Elena refuses to believe Ric's luck with women is that bad. She thinks it might have been Stefan.


Stefan, Bonnie and her mom go down to the Lockwood caves to see the last hidden coffin. He tells them to figure out a way to open it. When he wanders off, he bumps into Elena, who confronts him about the dead medical examiner. He's a tad offended. Back down in the cave, Bonnie fills her mom in about the family of originals. They go through the grimoire and Abby tells her about an unbinding spell. Joining hands, they try it for a few hours and fail. Bonnie's annoyed. Abby thinks the spirits are angry but her daughter thinks she's just afraid to open herself to them. Bonnie confesses that she used to pretend her mom was dead. She asks Abby to try again. They chant and the coffin starts coming loose. Bonnie runs off to make a call and it flies open.


Elijah meets up with Damon in a field to talk. Damon wants a Klaus killing weapon. He goes to see his brother and tells Stefan they have a meeting with Klaus and his brother. They bicker about Elijah. They have a lot of trust issues but head over to Casa Klaus anyway. He invites them to a gentlemanly dinner to chat. Stefan's grumpy as everyone eats. They all trade barbs. Elijah starts telling the story of a girl that he and his brother both loved. A witch took her blood and fed it to them before they became vampires. They used to fight over her but gradually recognized that the family bond was stronger. Damon explains that he wants the originals to leave but Klaus won't leave the doppelganger blood source behind. He's pretty sure the Salvatores will end up killing her by feuding over her. Damon leaves for some air. Elijah trails after. After Klaus eats a maid, he and Stefan start bickering until the other brothers return. Klaus tells them that Elena needs to be free of them all and meet a nice human boy to love. That will mean she can continue the bloodline and he'll keep them all safe. Stefan rejects the offer so Klaus shoves his arm in the fire. He orders Damon to bring the coffin. Elijah brings in some daggers and then calls in his brothers and sister. They send the Salvatores away as they each take a stab at Klaus. They announce to him that they are going to kill Elena and leave him alone forever. Suddenly, their mom walks in. Klaus gasps. She announces that she's just there to forgive him. "I want us to be a family," she tells them all. Meanwhile, the Salvatores wander through the woods and Stefan thanks his brother for not letting him die. They each admit that they love Elena. When they get down to the caves, they discover Bonnie and her mom have been knocked out and the coffin is empty.


Caroline drops by the hospital to see her dad. She runs into Dr. Fell, who makes it clear she knows she's a vamp and tells her that her dad is already gone. Caroline joins Elena and tries calling him. She can hear his phone and finds him stabbed in a closet. After she yanks out the dagger, he comes back to life. They clean him up. He's wired and his daughter tells him he needs to drink some more blood or die. He'd rather die. Elena heads home after nabbing the dagger. She shows it to Ric. He realizes that Meredith had access to all of the weapons that have been used. He's confused and thinks they should talk to the police. She returns to Caroline. They sit on her porch and chat about the situation. Caroline notices that her parents are inside talking alone. That hasn't happened since she was ten. She starts to wonder if Tyler has been attacking people but Elena doubts it. Caroline wants to force her father to feed but Elena says it's his choice. As Caroline sobs, Matt shows up to give her a hug. Caroline goes inside and talks to her dad. He's tired. She tells him he can still change his mind but he's not willing to sacrifice his beliefs. She thinks he hates who she is but he insists that she's a strong and good person. Crying, she begs him not to leave her. "Parents aren't supposed to outlive their children. This is life. This is what it means to be human," he tells her. He lays down and dies.


Matt walks Elena home and they talk about what a messed up town it is. When they go in, the lights are all out. After grabbing some flashlights, they see bloody prints all over the place. Upstairs, Alaric has been daggered. Matt tries calling an ambulance. Ric tells Elena to kill him so the ring can bring him back. She stabs his heart. Elena goes out to the porch to cry. She asks Matt to stay and hold her while Ric revives. The sheriff calls to say that Meredith couldn't have done it because she's been in surgery all night.


Cryptic Commentary: That was quite an episode. Huge. Caroline shared some very lovely scenes with her father. It was interesting because it was balanced with even more humor than usual. The dinner party was great and Klaus was right about the brothers ruining Elena's life. The big event, of course, was that Klaus' brothers and sister are all back. But even more problematic, his mom. Is she really the peacemaker she's acting like? This has got to cause enormous trouble for everyone. The other thing that's nagging me: those are some nicely lit caves and I think I need an explanation of how vampire hair gets better after you've been stabbed.

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