The New Deal.

Thursday, January 5th, 2012

Stefan admits something to his brother, Damon feels guilty, Ric "dies" again and someone leaves town.

The New Deal. image

Bonnie enters the old house and feels a presence. She opens a casket and finds Klaus inside, wearing the ring. She wakes up. It was a dream. Meanwhile, Elena jogs around town, she stops for a second and notices someone is chasing her. She tries to outrun him. When she stops to look around, he pops up behind her and then jogs off. She heads to The Grill to meet Bonnie. They talk about their paranoia and Stefan's betrayal. Damon is over at the bar drinking heavily. Ric isn't joining him and insists he's only there to see Jeremy because he failed his mid-term. The barrista explains that he was fired last week. They inform Elena. She pouts. Damon thinks they're just being typical teenagers. She tells him being a 'day drunk' isn't his most attractive look. Klaus suddenly materializes with Tony, the man chasing Elena earlier. He takes Damon's sunglasses and tells them they can live their little lives as long as he gets what he wants. She thinks he should confine his problems to Stefan but he wants to broaden the scope.


Tyler and Jeremy are drinking and shooting crossbows in the woods. Tyler challenges him to take a shot at him. The hybrid catches the arrow in mid-air. When Jer heads home, Ric and Elena are cooking. They aren't happy he's hanging out with Tyler. He thinks this is lame. They won't let him out so he calls Tyler in. Ric picks his brain about what being sired is like. "It's like faith," Tyler says. Things are awkward. He leaves and Jer follows the second his sister turns her back and leaves his ring behind. They find him standing in the middle of the street. An SUV races at him. Ric runs to push him out of the way and gets hit by Tony. They realize Jer must have been compelled to stand there and take Ric inside.


Klaus drops in on Damon at home. They compare the betrayals of their siblings. Damon won't help him find Stefan so Klaus makes a call. He goes to meet Tyler, who isn't happy to learn about what happened with Ric. The original reminds him that humans are just a means to an end. Meanwhile, Damon arrives at Elena's. Ric is still alive because of his ring. They realize Tyler took off Jeremy's. He thinks it's time for them to leave town and storms off.


Bonnie enters the old house. It's just like her dream but Stefan is there. He fills her in and says that he can ruin Klaus if she helps him keep the original family hidden. When she goes home, Elena calls to fill her in and she admits she knows where Stefan is. Damon and Elena head to the house. She has to go in alone because the spirits don't like him. She finds Stefan and demands he help or Jeremy will die. He refuses so she slaps him and storms out. Damon decides to deal with his brother. He enters the house. The spirits kick him around. Stefan gets snarky. Damon fights him outside and sticks a stake in his guts. Stefan admits that he only stopped him from killing Klaus to save him. "Stop saving me!" Damon complains. They bicker about this until it gets dark. Stefan is sure there is another way to kill Klaus. His brother wants in on that. Stefan only agrees if Elena doesn't get involved. They go back in the house and Stefan explains the witch spirits are hiding the coffins.


Jeremy hunts down Tyler in the woods. He tries to shoot him and tells him to stop following Klaus' orders. Tyler suggests he go home. Back at the house, Ric is reviving but he's coughing up blood. Elena calls an ambulance. Tony materializes and compels the medics to leave. He tells Elena to drink his blood. Jeremy shoots him in the back and then grabs a kitchen knife to hack off his head. They take Ric to the hospital. He impresses Dr. Fell by being out of bed fast. She's baffled and asks him if he has a guardian angel or sold his soul. "A little of both," he says. Jeremy walks him out. They talk about how much things suck. Meanwhile, Elena calls Klaus over and gives him his sister. He says this spares her brother and he will keep his sister under control. When she claims she can't find Stefan, he threatens to kill another of her loved ones. After he undaggers his sister, Elena warns him that Rebekah wants him dead for what he did to their mother. After they leave, Elena starts cleaning up the bloody porch. Damon arrives to tell her everything will be okay. She tells him what she just did. He's not happy. She's distraught about how her brother is living. He promises her that they will fix things. Ric and Jer return. Damon compels Jeremy to leave town for Denver so he can lead a normal life. This makes Elena feel bad but Damon assures her that he'll be better off. On the porch, she admits that she doesn't know what she would do without him. He explains why Stefan did what he did. Because of that, he still feels guilty for wanting her. He's about to walk away but turns around to kiss her.


Klaus takes his sister to their new home. As she starts to revive, he apologizes to her and then sticks the dagger back in. Meanwhile, Stefan and Bonnie look at the coffins. He can't get them open. She's sure that whatever the need must be inside of them.


Cryptic Commentary: Aside from the first few minutes, it was a strangely quiet episode. It's nice to see an episode that's all about relationships though. So Jeremy is the one to leave... who will Matt talk to? At least he got to demonstrate that killing a hybrid really isn't all that hard. Klaus was more sedate than we've ever seen him. Tyler was being cocky and we only got a glimpse at how problematic all of this is for him.

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