The Homecoming.

Thursday, November 10th, 2011

The plan to take down Klaus heads in an unexpected direction.

The Homecoming. image

Stefan calls Klaus to tell him that he shoved a dagger into Mikael. An hour earlier, Stefan, Elena, Damon and Mikael hatched the plan to fake his death to lure Klaus there so they could kill him. Mikael explained that he had a stake from the white oak that could do it. He asked Elena to do the daggering. They also got Rebekah in on it and she confirmed things for her brother over the phone. Once Klaus is convinced to return, the yank the dagger out of Mikael. He wakes up in the morning. His daughter is cold to him. She makes it clear that he destroyed their family, not Klaus.


Elena and Bonnie complain about not having dates to homecoming. Bonnie doesn't want to talk about what happened with Jeremy. Elena returns to the Salvatores to prepare grenades. Damon tells her that he has a secret contingency plan. Stefan shows up to complain about his ties and mock their plan. He's sure he won't be the one to screw it up. Elena goes up to see Rebekah, who explains that this is her first high school dance. As she gets ready, she warns Elena that Mikael can't be trusted. She never though that she'd be the one to help kill her brother. Elena offers her the necklace. After she slips it on, Elena stabs her in the back. Damon's impressed that she can act so 'Katherine' like. She feels bad about this. He doesn't trust anyone involved in this and assures him he has another plan. After she leaves, Mikael comes down to see Damon. Mikael explains that he never wanted to create vampires but has learned to feed on the predators.


At the school, Tyler and Caroline are putting glitter on a van. He wants to go and grab someone to eat with Rebekah but Caroline isn't into threesomes. He explains that he set Matt up with Rebekah for the dance. Later, Caroline freaks out when she returns to school to discover that the dance has been cancelled because the school was flooded. The party is moved to Tyler's. Elena goes with Matt. Stefan finds Tyler who tells him that this isn't a party, it's a wake. They look up on the stage in the yard and Klaus joins the band to welcome everyone. Caroline putters off to tell Elena and Matt what's happening. They aren't surprised. Elena runs off to find Bonnie. Matt looks for a drink. Klaus joins Stefan. The Original explains that he wants to reunite his family now that Mikael is dead. He starts to wonder where his sister is. Stefan has no idea. Klaus orders him to bring Mikael there and agrees to grant his freedom if he does. When he heads home to get him, Mikael attacks and feeds off him.


Back at the party, Klaus explains to Tyler that he's brought a small hybrid army and they are already to retaliate if his friends try to do anything. Tyler tracks down his girlfriend to warn her that Klaus is two steps ahead of her friends. She insists she doesn't know anything. He shoves a syringe of vervain into her neck. He calls Matt up and tells him that he needs to get her out of there. When he runs downstairs, Damon corners him. They pound on each other until Bonnie runs in and stops them. She notices Damon has the stake. Back outside, Klaus tells Elena he's impressed that she killed his dad. He warns her that he's one step ahead of her. One of his minions tells him that Mikael is there. He faces his father and tells him that he can send his army after him. Mikael isn't threatened and yanks out Elena, threatening to kill her if he doesn't come out and fight. He keeps taunting him. Klaus urges him just to kill her. As Mikael stabs her, Damon attacks Klaus from behind. Elena leaps up. It was really Katherine, she chucks a vervain grenade at the hybrids. Mikael is distracted. Stefan leaps on his brother and wrestles him off. Klaus tears out the stake and leaps onto his father. He skewers Mikael who bursts into flames. Damon is outraged. Klaus is impressed with Stefan though and sets him free.


Caroline wakes up in her bed and pouts at Tyler for stabbing her. He claims he saved her from her own stubbornness. He tells her that he cannot be fixed, but he's okay with being a hybrid because he never has to turn again unless he wants to. Taking her hand, he asks her not to turn her back on him. She does anyway. Meanwhile, at home, Damon rants to Elena about how they blew their plan. She tells him that they always survive. He's sure he'll never get his brother back now. "Then we'll let him go," she says. Their moment is interrupted when Katherine calls to say goodbye. As she drives off, we see that Stefan is in her car with her. She remembers Klaus threatening her at the party, warning that that the hybrids would kill Damon if he died. She ran to Stefan to revive him and begged him to save his brother's life. Stefan finds her motives murky. She reminds him that she loved him and his brother once and she hasn't lost all of her humanity yet. Katherine has other plans for him. They collect the bodies of Klaus' family and smuggle them away. Stefan calls Klaus to say he's enjoying his new freedom and threatens to make sure he never sees his family again if he does anything to hid brother.


Cryptic commentary: That was a well built episode. Some nice humor, lots of action. No Alaric unfortunately. I can't believe that's really the end of Mikael though. The last fifteen minutes were great. I'm not happy that Caroline and Tyler are breaking it off so fast, but the episode really ended up belonging to Stefan, who has proved to be a lot more clever and devious than his brother. So to answer last week's question, it really is the love for Damon that wins out for Stefan.

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