Ordinary People.

Thursday, November 3rd, 2011

Rebecca tells the story of the Originals and Mikael tracks down the Salvatore brothers.

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Ric and Elena go through the Lockwood tunnels. Damon shows up to tease her. He's still locked out. They go down and Ric reads her the story of the hieroglyphs. Among them are the names of the originals. In a flashback, we see how Rebecca and Klaus carved their names in the walls more than a thousand years ago while bickering about their father. Back in the present, they find the name Mikael the 'Papa Original'. They take pictures and go home to interpret them so they can find the weapon they need to kill Klaus. She heads to school to talk to Rebecca. "I'm curious about why you and Klaus have spent a thousand years running from your father," she says. When she threatens to wake Mikael, Rebecca tells her that would doom them all. Rebecca returns to cheerleader practice and remembers watching her brothers practice their duelling. Mikael doesn't appreciate his sons having fun and attacks Klaus, nearly killing him.


Damon goes down to check on his brother. They joke about Elena's plan. Damon says it's family day at vampire rehab and is disappointed to see he's already given up. He lets him free and suggests they have a drink. They go to a bar. Stefan wants to drink the bartender. Damon offers him her wrist. Stefan sucks. The brothers booze it up and yack about falling over the edge. They bicker and Damon accuses his brother of being Klaus' 'bitch'. Mikael suddenly appears. He tries questioning Stefan, who can't say anything. When Damon gets sarcastic, Mikael shoves his fist in his chest and threatens to yank his heart out. He twists it until Stefan gives him a clue. He offers to lure Klaus back to town. Mikael tells him to get him back or he'll kill them. The brothers wander out. Stefan insists that he only saved him for himself so Klaus can be killed and he will be free to leave. He's sick of people trying to save him. Damn admits he could never abandon him, "Be careful brother. Your humanity is showing." Stefan says. Damon kicks him.


Rebecca asks Elena over. She has her own army of compelled models to help her pick a homecoming dress. After she sends them away, she tells Elena that she will only learn what she wants her to. She takes her upstairs to rummage through Stefan's underwear drawer and tell her story. Her family came to live here with werewolves during times of plague. Flashing back, she recalls how her younger brother was killed by the wolves. Soon after that, the family ceased being human. Damon calls to say he let Stefan out and then hangs up. Rebecca and Elena chat about Stefan. Elena's sure she doesn't know who he really is. The vamp is lonely so she tells her more of her story, recalling how they asked the witch to make them vampires as a form of protection. Mikael wanted them to be stronger than the wolves. One witch refused so Mikael's wife, who was also a witch, had to do it. After calling on the power of the sun and the oak, their father fed them blood and killed them before feeding them a little girl. They soon learned hat the strengths they gained also gave them weaknesses, like being unable to take the sun and the oak tree that gave them power. They burned down the tree. Later, their father, having discovered that Klaus was not really his son, tore out his wife's heart and killed a village full of people. Klaus, Elijah and Becca buried their mom and vowed to stick together. In spite of nearly destroying each other, they still love each other and refuse to spend an eternity alone. She kicks Elena out, threatening to rip her apart if she goes after Klaus.


Bonnie brings the necklace to Alaric. He assures her that Jeremy has been an idiot and then shows her that one of the hieroglyphs has the same symbol as the necklace. Elena joins them and they return to the caves to put together the story. Elena soon realizes that Rebecca doesn't know the whole story. She runs back to her place and tells her that Mikael didn't kill her mother. Showing her the hieroglyphs, she explains that Klaus killed her for making him a hybrid. Rebecca refuses to accept that but gets angry. After shoving Elena, she falls down in tears. When Elena gets home, Damon is waiting in her bed and tells her that Mikael found them and Stefan is still a big dick. She just wants to go to bed. Laying down, she tells him that Stefan will only be saved by his love for him, not for her.


Cryptic commentary: Elijah was back, but the highlight was seeing more of Mikael. Strangely, he actually makes Klaus more sympathetic. Those were some clean vikings. I guess that's the difference between a run of the mill viking and one with an anachronistic English accent. Rebecca got a lot more air time and a lot more depth, even if it has made her kind of corny. It even rubbed off a bit on Elena who didn't come off as such a wimp. Damon chatting to their bartender casually while Stefan sucked on her. The brothers are a lot more enjoyable when neither of them is good. The whole episode had a surprisingly "Dawson's Creek" vibe going though, especially near the end.

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