Ghost World.

Thursday, October 27th, 2011

Many ghosts return to town for revenge and to help, but this leads to more difficult choices.

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Damon comes to and realizes that he's been chained to a chair with his ring taken off. He blames Stefan while Mason's ghost laughs at him. Stefan strolls over and yanks the blade out of his chest. He leaves him tied to the chair and Mason opens the curtains so Damon can boil. In the park, Bonnie moans to Caroline about Anna sticking around. She doesn't know what to do. Damon drives up and tells the witch she screwed up because he was just spit roasted by Mason's ghost. "When I kill someone, they're supposed to stay dead," he complains before driving off. Bonnie spots Matt listening. She questions him but he's sure his sister is long gone. After he walks off, Bonnie's grimoire pops open on a manifestation spell to reveal ghosts. They head to the basement where she revived Jeremy. Bonnie starts her spell. Miss Sheila appears and tells her she made a mistake bringing Jeremy back and a bigger one sending Vicki back. That left the door wide open and now she has to set the balance of nature right.


Carol welcomes everyone to Illumination Day festivities. Elena joins Jeremy and Ric. Jeremy is chuckling with Anna. Ric questions him. He's evasive about details and scrambles. Stefan joins them and tells Elena they have to move on. Jeremy goes inside the Grill and asks Anna a lot of questions. She has no answers and swears she isn't working with any witches. Anna challenges him to send her away. He starts to kiss her instead. Elena rushes in just as Bonnie's spell takes effect and Anna becomes visible. Caroline calls and tells Elena they need to destroy her necklace. Anna vanishes and Elena rants at Jer.


Stefan is surprised to run into Lexie on the street. She reminds him that he's dead too and he's off the rails. He doesn't want her help but she smashes his head through a car window anyway. She tracks down Elena and orders her to help her save Stefan. They go down to a cellar and Lexie starts drawing the blood out of him. He starts hallucinating. Caroline calls to say she can't find the necklace. Elena asks her to delay Bonnie sending the ghosts back. When she gets off the phone, Caroline tells Bonnie that Elena caught Jeremy kissing his dead girlfriend. Bonnie isn't happy. Back in the cellar, Stefan begs Elena for help. Lexie keeps torturing him and explains Elena will have to keep it up until he's completely broken and ready to be human again. Elena can't handle that and runs.


Damon corners Ric in the Grill. Ric reminds him they aren't friends anymore. The vamp tells him Mason is back and pissed. When he turns around, Mason is standing there and smashes a glass on Damon's face. He wants an apology and a chance to help Tyler. They discuss Klaus and the vamp realizes the wolf must have an idea about how to kill the Original. After Damon grudgingly apologizes, they arrange to meet up. In the Lockwood cellar, they starts smashing down a wall to find an ancient weapon. They head down a tunnel. Spears fly from the walls and into Damon. Mason starts tearing them out and tells him that on the other side, all you do is watch this one. He just wants to be redeemed for his regrets. As they move along, Damon gets stuck by a spell. Mason finds something but vanishes.


In the park, Jeremy finds Anna in the crowd surrounded by some angry ghosts who want revenge on the founding families. The lights come on and a body hangs from a tree. Jeremy calls Bonnie but Caroline picks up the phone. He tells them that the killing has started. Caroline suggests that Anna took the necklace and hangs up. Anna vanishes. Elena shows up. He tells her that he still loves Anna. "She's dead," she says. Anna reappears with the necklace. Jer doesn't want to say goodbye. She explains that she's been looking for her mother. "I don't want to be alone anymore," she cries. They call Bonnie and Caroline. As they drive up, Caroline spots all the vampire ghosts and sends her friend home to deal with the spell while she saves Carol. Meanwhile, Elena rushes back to Lexie and warns her that they are running out of time. The blond tries harder to get through to Stefan. Elena promises that she can finish this. Lexie vanishes.


As Anna finds her mom, Jeremy goes to the cellar with the necklace for Bonnie. She's emo and burns it. She refuses to let Jeremy explain himself and orders him to go. Once he does, there is burst from the fireplace. The necklace hasn't been destroyed. Down in the cellar, Stefan challenges Elena about what she will do. She's not giving up on him and tells him to fight before he loses her. Meanwhile, Ric gets a call and meets Damon in the Lockwood cellar. They bicker about Damon killing him. The vamp tries apologizing. They exchange goofy smiles and go down the tunnel. When they get to the end, Alaric finds hieroglyphs all over the wall.


Cryptic commentary: Poor ghosts. Why are all the dead people on this show more likable? Then again, the distinction between the living and the dead is getting pretty thin. It was nice to see Mason again. Tyler needs more wolves in his corner. Bonnie and Jeremy? I don't really care. He was much better with Anna. Seeing Lexie beat up Stefan was fun, even though I don't want him reformed at all. The best episode without Klaus in quite awhile.

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