Smells Like Teen Spirit.

Thursday, October 20th, 2011

School stars, Rebecca shows up, Vicki comes back from the beyond and she's not the only one.

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Elena lies in bed until morning. She crawls out and applies make-up to her bite wound. Alaric takes her out to teach her some killing techniques. She's bad at them so he hurls a grenade at her. After she chucks it away, he lectures her about her Stefan obsession. She heads to school. It's the start of senior year. Caroline is looking forward to it but her friends aren't. Elena remembers this would be her anniversary with Stefan but is determined to put it behind her. When Bonnie goes inside, Jeremy finds her. She's still annoyed that he's talking to his dead girlfriend. She thinks he has the power to decide whether or not to see them and flits away.


When Matt drives up to school, his sister suddenly appears beside him. They recall last year and he tells her how hard it is to be alone. She explains there is a way she can come back. Tyler interrupts before she can explain. The hybrid is in a good mood. He strolls in and sucks face with Caroline. She notices the blood on him and gives him a lecture. He says it's just from a pack and talks about how awesome it is to be a hybrid. Matt drifts out to the stoner pit. His sister returns and says she has help from the otherside. Jeremy walks by but pretends he doesn't see her. He goes into the bathroom and starts talking to Anna. She warns him that Vicki might have made a deal with a bad witch so that she can come back.


Damon wanders down his stairs, stepping over the corpses on the floor. He finds his brother chewing on girls while they play Twister. Rebecca storms in, complaining that her brother left her there. She wants a room and stomps off to find one. Damon calls Katherine. She's down south in the crypt, trying to wake up Michael with rats. He's not budging. "Try harder!" Damon moans. He calls Elena and warns her that 'Barbie Klaus' is now living with him while Stefan is spending all his time shaping his hair. As she walks down the hall at school, Stefan pops up. He tells her that Klaus wants him to keep an eye on her. Alaric tells him to back off. Stefan pushes him and drifts off. Ric and Elena decide they have to do something about this. Class starts. Rebecca joins them. She also joins Caroline on the cheerleading line. Tyler ends the football practice as Rebecca does a splits\. Caroline cringes. Stefan and Elena jog by. He shoves some dude out of his way and tells Elena that she's just a human blood bag. She's so offended that she goes home to lift weights. Damon comes in and teases her. She wants to lock Stefan up until Michael kills Klaus. He tells her that Stefan's humanity is gone and he can't be saved. Holding her hand to his chest, he offers to do whatever she needs to stay safe.


Matt goes to his attic to cast a spell with his sister's help. She rematerializes and they hug. Vicki tells him she made a deal with her witch. She has to kill Elena and promptly knocks him out. Back at the school, Jeremy tells Bonnie that Anna thinks a witch can be involved in what's happening. Bonnie doesn't want to deal with him and his dead girlfriend. She gets a call from Matt about what just happened. They meet up so she can figure out how to send Vicki back. They start a spell.


Damon and Elena join Ric and Caroline to plot things for the night. They ask Damon to keep Rebecca distracted and Elena tells Tyler to raid Stefan's vervane supply. He refuses to betray Klaus. Before he can walk off, Damon knocks him out and tells Caroline to get a new boyfriend. Elena goes out to tap the keg with Stefan and Rebecca. Damon joins Rebecca to roast marshmallows and make smores. Elena stares at them so Stefan teases her. She gets annoyed and stomps off. He follows her as Rebecca shoves her stick into Damon's guts. Stefan follows Elena to the field. She drunkenly taunts him and falls off the stands. As he catches her, Ric shoots him in the back. They load up Stefan and Ric notices there's gas running up to his van. Vicki drops her joint on it and the van starts to burn. The ghost vanishes. She appears with Matt and Bonnie. She apologizes and sobs. He can't let her stay there anymore and says goodbye. She disappears. Back outside, Ric helps Elena and Stefan out of the van before it blows. She goes home and Damon cleans her wound. They talk about how jealous she was acting. Stefan shows up and tells them that they are better off having him around. He wonders why Elena didn't let him die in the fire. She still has hope for him. "Do you have any idea how pathetic that makes you?" he asks. She stabs him and walks out. Ric chuckles. Meanwhile, Anna and Jeremy admit that they can't stop thinking about each other. They discover that they can touch.


Caroline takes Tyler home and lectures him. He says he isn't Klaus' pet. She thinks he's obnoxious. He doesn't want to be a d-bag and promises to be careful. "Everything I like about me is you," he says. They have sex and then she tells him he has to earn an overnighter. As soon as she leaves, Rebecca shows up with a woman. He asks her to go but the sight of blood is too much for him and he gives in to the feeding frenzy. Across town, Mason Lockwood suddenly appears and beats the crap out of Damon.


Down south, Michael revives and spits out blood. Katherine finds him depressingly unscary. After he assures her that he can kill Klaus, she breaks his chain. He grabs her and feeds off of her.


Cryptic commentary: I think that was officially the funniest episode of "VD" ever. Bonnie is jealous of the dead girls. Poor Jeremy, but he's cuter with Anna. And poor Matt. His life just sucks more all the time. Elena finally became bearable. Too bad she has to be drunk for that to happen. Jerk Stefan is still a million times better. I want to see him being a jerk on a larger scale. Feeding off people playing Twister? I love it. It is fun to watch Damon fail at flirting. But Mason coming back? That really came out of nowhere.

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- Matt Purvis

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