As I Lay Dying.

Thursday, May 12th, 2011

Stefan makes a sacrifice to save his brother and Jeremy dies.

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Fresh from bickering with his sickly brother, Stefan calls a drunken Alaric to tell him that Damon is dying. He then calls Bonnie over and they start a seance to get some spiritual help. Emily's spirit possesses her and he requests a spell to heal a werewolf bite. She says it's his time to die. Bonnie convulses and snaps out of it. She says the voices mentioned Klaus.


Elena drags Jeremy out of the house to go down to the park and escape from reality for a few hours by watching "Gone With The Wind." He's not that thrilled. Caroline arrives to try and put a positive spin on things. Stefan shows up and takes Elena away to tell her about his brother. He says there might be a cure but he has to find Klaus. He asks her to go and tell his brother there is still hope. Stefan goes to see Katherine and Klaus shows up with Elijah. They tell him that they're busy and then Klaus suddenly stabs his brother and starts throwing Stefan around. He jabs his blade in his chest and scratches his heart. Stefan begs him for a cure. Klaus pulls the knife out and tells Stefan he's just shy of useless.


In his cell, Damon remembers doing up Katherine's corset. As she talks about how she wants both brothers, Elena appears and warns him that Katherine has been toying with him. He snaps out of it and looks at his rotting arm. Alaric shows up with booze. Damon complains about his brother and reminds Ric that he turned his wife into a vampire. He begs Ric to kill him and then collapses.


Back at Klaus', he taunts Stefan about his bloody past but Stefan says he's changed. Klaus bites Katherine and then makes her drink his blood. "You want your cure, there it is," Klaus explains. His blood can cure anything. He cuts open his hand and fills up a vial. He agrees to give it to Stefan if he'll accompany him on a decade long bender. Stefan is reluctant but shares a drink with him... and then another and another. Katherine stares. Klaus orders her to take the cure to Damon. She hurries off. Stefan worries she'll never take it to him.

Carol goes to see Sheriff Forbes and orders an update about the vampire situation. She's not happy with how things are going and threatens to hire a replacement. The sheriff heads over to the Salvatores' and ambushes Elena. She and her men go downstairs and find Damon. When they open the cell door, Damon attacks her and escapes. Ric calls Jeremy to tip him off. Jeremy rushes off to find his sister. Back at the house, the sheriff lashes out at Elena. She orders her men to keep her in the house.


Damon lurches through the crowd in the park. He starts hallucinating. Jeremy runs up to him and helps him into The Grill. The sheriff shows up and tries to shoot the vampire but shoots Jeremy by accident. Caroline and Bonnie run in. The blond feeds him her blood. That doesn't work so Bonnie calls Ric in and they take Jeremy down to the crypt. She casts a spell, but the spirits are angry and don't want to help her. Bonnie wails when they seem to refuse but he suddenly revives. She calls Caroline to tell her. She explains it to her mom and says that she's still her little girl. She doesn't want her to be afraid of her anymore. They hug. Meanwhile, Jeremy is already recovering at home. He feels weird. Bonnie webchats with him. Later, Anna and Vicki suddenly show up at Jeremy's.


Damon continues to flash back to his past with Katherine as Elena finds him in the crowd. He bites her as she begs him not to. Snapping out of it, he collapses. She takes him back to her room. He wakes up retching and filled with guilt. "Tell Stefan I'm sorry," he says, blaming himself for everything. In spite of all his bad choices, he wouldn't have done anything differently because then he never would have met her. He says he loves her. She likes him just the way he is and kisses him. Katherine shows up with the cure. They feed it to him and Katherine explains that Stefan won't be back anytime soon. "Good thing you have Damion to keep you company. It's okay to love them both. I did," she says. She sends Stefan a text to tell him his brother is still alive. Klaus loads up his dead brother and then calls a young woman out for them to feed on. Once Klaus takes a bite, he releases her so Stefan hunts her down and finishes her off.


Cryptic commentary: How many times can they kill poor Elijah? Oh well... I love how Elena clutched her neck so awkwardly after Damon bit her like she was having a wardrobe malfunction. But seriously, it was a really good episode. Not as much angst out of Damon as I was expecting, but loads of action. Evil Stefan look like a lot more fun that his brother ever is. That is something I really want to see more of. But having Jeremy's ex suddenly appear like that was a jaw dropping surprise.

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