The Sun Also Rises.

Thursday, May 5th, 2011

Bonnie, Damon, Stefan and the others try to prevent Klaus' sacrifice from going ahead.

The Sun Also Rises. image

Caroline and Matt lock themselves into the Lockwood crypt while Tyler tries to get them. Matt shoots him down so Caroline rushes them out. They run to the house and hide. He explains that he faked forgetting she was a vampire at her mom's prompting. She wonders what this means for their relationship and worries that her mom wants to kill her. Something thumps against the door. She goes out and finds Tyler naked on the porch. Caroline puts him to bed. Matt talks about how fun the last few days have been... but he doesn't think he can get over her being a vampire.


At Ric's, Damon shows Katherine his werewolf bite. He's about to walk out but she keeps him there to apologize. "Enjoy an eternity alone," he says before explaining that he'll offer himself to Klaus. Katherine says he doesn't have a chance. He heads home and John arrives looking for his daughter. Damon fills him in on the latest.


Elijah leads Alaric and Stefan out to the woods, explaining his strategy. Damon calls to tell them that Klaus has Jenna. Meanwhile, Bonnie and Jeremy are searching for spells. Ric shows up and fills Jeremy in while Stefan and Elijah explain the latest to Bonnie. Stefan explains that he's going to offer himself in Jenna's place. He walks off and speaks to Elijah, questioning whether he can trust him. Elijah explains that his brother killed their entire family and hid their bodies so they could never be laid to rest. He wants revenge. Back at the house, Ric tells Damon what his brother is going to do. Damon is furious. He goes inside where John explains a spell they can use to save Elena's soul. Bonnie casts a spell on John and then knocks Jeremy out with a kiss. As she leaves with the vampires, she casts a spell to keep Ric in the house.


In the woods, Elena sits with Jenna, who tells her about Klaus forcing her to drink his blood. Greta traps them in a circle of fire and offers Jenna her blood. As Jenna sucks, Elena gasps. Jenna realizes she's dead and she's going to die. Greta drops Jules by the fire. Klaus shows up. "Hello my lovelies. Are we ready?" he asks. He takes out the moonstone and the spell starts. Klaus tears out Jules' heart and starts squeezing the blood into the fire. Jenna begins babbling about being a failure. When Klaus turns his attention to them, Elena begs him to spare Jenna. He's distracted by Stefan showing up. Jenna uses her vampire hearing to listen in and tips Elena off. The women pace while the men return. Klaus suddenly stakes Stefan and then dumps him on the ground. Jenn attacks Greta so Klaus stakes her until she turns gray. Her blood is poured in the potion and Klaus offers Elena his hand. As they approach the fire, Stefan tries to pull himself up. Klaus drinks from Elena and the fire goes out. As he walks, he starts to transform but then flies to the ground as Bonnie and Damon arrive. Damon drags away Elena's body as Klaus flails around and Bonnie sends flames across the field. Elijah swans in and shoves his hand in his brother's chest. Before he can pull out his heart, Klaus offers to lead him to the bodies of their family members. Elijah turns to Stefan and apologizes before vanishing into the fire with his brother.


The next day, Ric, Jeremy and John wait for news. John writes a letter for Elena and hands Jeremy a ring. He asks them to take care of each other, then slowly walks outside and drops dead. Damon arrives with Elena. She gasps as she comes back to life. Later, Elena tries to cope with losing her parents. She and Jeremy prepare to bury them. He gives her the letter and ring. She's sorry for everyone he's lost because of her. In the letter, John wrote of what a failure he was and how much better he wishes her life was. As the burial commences, the Salvatore brothers are left not knowing what to do about Elijah and Klaus. Damon shows his brother the bite, which has now rotted most of his arm. Stefan promises that they will find a cure.


Back at Caroline's, Tyler wakes up with her beside him. She tells him he should have never left and asks him to apologize for trying to eat her. As she sobs, he cuddles up with her and he thanks her for taking care of him.


Cryptic commentary: A really unusual episode. The tone was divisive and a lot was packed in. The Tyler-Caroline-Matt scenes were great and struck a good balance. Klaus' sacrifice scene still felt a bit rushed and was, deliberately, anti-climactic, which I didn't expect. That's good though because I don't want Klaus and Elijah to vanish too easily since they add so much. I still want more from them. The last ten minutes of the episode felt like a completely different show. More excitingly, the episode actually managed to open up a lot more possibilities than I was expecting.

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