Thursday, April 21st, 2011

The story of Klaus is revealed, the Salvatore brothers fight and Jenna learns the truth.

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Elijah comes back to life in the Salvatore basement when Elena pulls the dagger out of him. He flashes back to 1492 when he first met Katherine and then pulls himself off the floor. He can't breathe and smashes things until he runs out the door. She has to invite him in. After she gives him the dagger, they drive off and she offers him her help killing Klaus. Back at the house, Stefan wakes up and goes looking for Elena. Damon and Andi are kissing and he wants to nibble on her but she has to go to work. The brothers notice the basement door is open. They run down and discover that Elijah is gone. Stefan calls his girlfriend to lecture her but she insists that she can trust Elijah and hangs up. This impresses the vampire so they shake hands and she explains that Klaus has taken over Alaric's body. He remembers introducing Katherine to Klaus the first time. Meanwhile, the brothers bicker and Damon refuses to back off on interfering. A worried Jenna calls and wonders what's going on with everybody. Stefan tells her not to meet with Ric. He runs off to see her and Damon tells Andi that they're going rogue.


When Stefan gets to Jenna's, he finds Klaus/Alaric there. Jenna is confused by everything. Klaus/Alaric starts rambling about vampires and says he's obsessed with them. He goads Stefan with vampire tales. Jenna orders him to get out. He refuses and threatens her with a knife so Stefan lurches at him and threatens to stab him. Stefan yells at Jenna to go and then kicks Klaus/Alaric to the floor.


Elijah and Elena show up at Carol's. He commands her to let him in and then requests a new suit. Once he's changed, Elena fills him in on what happened while he was dead. He explains to her that Klaus is his brother. They are the oldest vampires in the world. As they take a walk, he tells her that nothing can kill an original but the white ash. He recalls his brother making ancient scrolls and Aztec hieroglyphs to get everyone looking for the moonstone. However, the curse everyone has been afraid of has always been a fake. The real one is worse. Stefan calls and she tells Elijah she has to go but promises to be back. When she leaves, Elijah remembers speaking to Katherine and telling her that he didn't believe in love. She couldn't imagine living like that. Klaus showed up covered in blood.

Klaus/Alaric sends off his witch and then gloats to Katherine about how ready he is to break his curse. He remembers slaughtering her family and hopes Elena isn't as stupid as she was. Katherine assures him that Elena won't run. He commands her to stay and leaves. She takes out the bourbon and starts drinking. Andi and Damon show up. He can't enter but starts mocking Katherine and waving vervain at her. He confronts her about double crossing him and then throws her the potion.


Elena hurries home to see Jenna. She confirms for her that all the vampire stuff is true. Jenna sobs and wishes she had told her sooner. As she cries on Elena's shoulder, Stefan eavesdrops and weeps. Elena comes over to him and tells him she has to return to Elijah. As she heads for the door, Damon arrives and tries to stop her. Stefan steps up and orders his brother to let her go. Damon threatens him for getting in his way. She heads over to the Lockwood mansion and asks Elijah about the curse. He explains that Klaus was his half-brother. His father killed his mother's lover, who just happened to be a werewolf. That means Klaus is both. Witches cast a spell on him to halt his werewolf powers and prevent him from breeding a super race. The only thing that can kill Klaus is a witch during the full moon. She claims she knows a witch powerful enough to help. He remembers his brother telling him that love is a vampire's greatest weakness. Then he explains that he found a way to save the life of the doppelganger, but Katherine screwed that up. Back at the Salvatores, the brothers bicker about Elena. "Thank you for being in love with my girlfriend," Stefan says sarcastically. When he tells Damon that only he has her respect, they start pounding on each other. Elijah and Elena arrive. He asks the brothers for an apology. Stefan offers one but Damon just sneers. "You can all go to hell," he says. He trudges off to his room. Andi is there. He orders her to leave but she won't so he bites into her and then commands her to leave before he kills her.


Klaus/Alaric returns home and finds Katherine getting drunk and blaring music. He complains that his body has outlived its usefulness. Maddox arrives with a new witch and a massive crate. Everyone gathers around some lit candles and a spell is begun. Klaus leaves Alaric's body and then materializes in the crate with a smirk.


Cryptic commentary: Elena can see Elijah's flashbacks? What was that about? All in all, a really good episode. Damon's dark side back in full force. Nice contrast created between the two pairs of vampire brothers, Damon-Stefan and Klaus-Elijah. Honestly, the latter seem like more fun. Was the big wait for Klaus worth it? I'm not sure but I know I want more. I missed all the other characters but the episode was still info packed. While I'm glad Ric isn't dead, I think I'm going to miss possessed Ric.

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