Last Dance.

Thursday, April 14th, 2011

Klaus possesses Alaric and stalks Elena at the dance before doing battle with Bonnie.

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Klaus/Alaric starts looking for wardrobe and questioning Katherine about Elijah as well as the details of Alaric's life. She begs him to go ahead and kill her. He probes her for more and finds out about what Bonnie's been up to. "I've searched for you for five hundred years: your death is going to last at least half that long," he says. He makes her stab herself over and over and then leaves to see Elena.


The brothers are brainstorming how to find Klaus. The wonder if he killed Katherine yet. In their house, Bonnie is with Elena while she signs on for rights over the Salvatore house. The brothers come to the door and she has to invite them in, one at a time. After teasing Damon about it, she decides to go to school. The brothers say no but she refuses to be a prisoner. When she and Stefan get to class, she starts teasing him about the dance. Klaus/Alaric walks in and starts teaching. He glares at Elena and starts rambling.


Matt goes to see Sheriff Forbes, freaking out. She tells him to go ahead and take her daughter to the dance. She needs him to play along until she figures out what's going on. He heads to school. Caroline rushes up to him and they talk about the dance. She goes home to get dressed up as Jackie O and Matt soon arrives as JFK.

In the cafeteria, Jeremy worries to Bonnie until his sister interrupts. He rushes off and some girl walks over to tell Elena that a hot guy named Klaus wants her to save him the last dance. They freak out and go home to tell the brothers. Klaus/Alaric shows up and they start plotting. Bonnie says that she can take down Klaus and throws Damon around the room to prove it. Klaus/Alaric heads back to Alaric's and digs through his weapon's drawer. He asks his warlock, Maddox, to take out Bonnie but he says that he'll have to do it. Maddox advises him to simply force Bonnie to use her power until it kills her.


Klaus/Alaric, shows up at the dance and starts recruiting students for some 'extra credit'. Outside, Jeremy offers Bonnie his ring but she won't take it. He reminds her that he has bad luck with girlfriends but she assures him she's strong enough to do this. Damon, Stefan and Elena arrive. When they get inside, the MC dedicates a song to Elena from Klaus. She gulps. Damon thinks this is lame. He heads over to see Klaus/Alaric to tell him how unimpressive all of this is. Stefan strolls off to fill Caroline in while Damon pulls Elena into a dance. Matt is having a hard time being normal around Caroline. Stefan cuts in to tell her what's up. When he sees Jeremy walk out, he follows him and asks him what's wrong. Jeremy worries about Bonnie and tells him that taking on Klaus will kill her. Stefan runs off to confront his brother and tip off Elena. She drags Bonnie out and forbids her to do this but Bonnie refuses to back out. Klaus/Alaric hurries over to tell them that Klaus has Jeremy. He leads them off.


Back inside, the kids Klaus/Alaric recruited, jump Jeremy. As they pound on him, Stefan and Damon run in to save him. They soon realize this was just a distraction. Meanwhile, Klaus/Alric leads Elena and Bonnie down the hall. They realize something is off and ask him if he's on vervane. After he drops some hints, Elena figures out he's Klaus. He assures her that she's not on his hit list tonight. He and Bonnie start battling. She throws him around the room. He challenges her to kill this body so he can take a new one, like Jeremy's. They run off to Damon and tell him what happened. Bonnie refuses to kill Alaric because Klaus would just possess someone else but Damon pushes her to do it. She goes straight back after Alaric/Klaus. She starts twisting his limbs and torturing him. Elena and Stefan run after her, yelling at her to stop, but she won't. As the room begins to explode, Bonnie suddenly collapses and Klaus/Alaric vanishes. Elena runs to her friend in tears but Stefan says she's gone. Damon tells his brother to take her away while he takes care of the body. After he puts her in a dumpster, Jeremy runs over.


At home, Elena sobs by the fire. Stefan tells her this was Klaus' fault. Damon comes in and she starts accusing him of letting Bonnie die. She slaps him and he explains that Bonnie had to in front of Klaus so he would believe she was dead. He explains that she cast a spell and will be fine. Stefan isn't happy with his brother but Damon insists this is the way it had to be done. "At the end of the day, I'll be the one to keep her alive," Damon says.


Down in the crypt, Bonnie wakes up with Jeremy. He sets up an internet connection for her and Elena comes on the screen. Bonnie apologizes to her but her friend is okay with what happened. Later, Elena tells Damon that she understands why he did what he did. However, she refuses to let her friend die and insists they find another way. "I will always choose you," he says. When she walks away, she goes into the crypt where Elijah is kept and yanks the blade out of him.


Cryptic commentary: That was a great episode. Finally Alaric gets something to do. It was a lot of fun and provided a rather tantalizing glimpse into what the real Klaus will be like. Matt also got some laughs with his great facial expressions. Seeing Bonnie kick out the magic was great too. It was all nicely balanced between the different characters, but it was really weird to see Katherine being so terrified.

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