The Dinner Party.

Thursday, February 17th, 2011

Bonnie's powers are taken away, Damon tries to kill Elijah and Stefan tells Elena about his past.

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In the cabin, Elena reads Johnathan's diary detailing the town's battle with the supernatural. When he thought that they were all gone, Stefan returned and killed his family... and him. Elena stops reading and looks out the window at Stefan standing by the water. He talks to his brother on the phone about Tyler running away. Damon's eager to go ahead with his murder of Elijah. Stefan goes back into the cabin so they can keep arguing about her choice to sacrifice herself. She hands him the diary entry about how he killed Johnathan. He tells her that he was a monster back then. He remembers holding little vampire orgies at the house while Damon played goody-two-shoes, begging him to be careful. When Damon got fed up with his reckless brother and threatened to abandon him, Stefan decided to behave himself so he could survive. To satisfy his blood lust, he toured battlefield hospitals and fed on soldiers. It was there that he met Lexie. He took her home and she wasn't impressed by all the corpses he left laying around. Elena keeps reading the diaries. She discovers the research Johnathan did on the Originals. She reads about the ash and the dagger and Stefan explains that John gave Damon the weapon. Elena discovers that it will kill any demon who wields it. Stefan guesses John was trying to get Damon killed by giving it to him.

Jenna takes Elijah on a tour of some of the old properties. He tells her about the families who came there from Salem after the witch trials. Alaric strolls over and Jenna wanders off to get another map. Elijah jokingly assures Ric that he doesn't pursue younger women. Later, Ric meets with Damon at the bar when Jenna and Elijah walk in. Andie suggests they have a dinner party and Elijah agrees to attend. Damn goes down to the tomb to give Katherine some blood. He wants to know if John's idea about how to kill an Original would really work. She begs him not to kill Elijah because it would strand her in there forever. He likes that idea and decides to kill Elijah that very night.


At the Salvatore's, Andi asks Jenna bout the tension with Alaric. Jenna explains that she likes him but he's hiding things. John shows up uninvited and Jenna's not happy to see him. He didn't want to miss the games. Elijah arrives and asks Damon if he has less than honorable intentions, warning that he will kill everyone in the house if he does. Everyone sits around the table and Elijah talks about the original families of the town and all of the witch burnings. As the table is cleared, Jenna is cold to Alaric and John admits that he tipped her off about his wife. Stefan suddenly calls him.

Damon and Elijah have drinks. Damon's about to stab him in the back when Alaric bursts in. Andi leads the vampire away for dessert and Ric hands Damon a note explaining why he can't use the dagger. Around the table, the men begin asking questions and Elijah lays down the law until Alaric rushes up behind him and stabs him with the dagger. He turns gray and dies. "Get rid of him before Jenna comes back with dessert," he says. Ric and Damon dump the body in the crypt.


Back at the cabin, Elena is annoyed that Stefan has been keeping things from her. He lectures her for giving up on life and then remembers more about Lexie. She lectured him about how important it is to hurt so he can feel love. That's when he began fighting for his own survival and that's what he wants Elena to fight for. He gets a text that Elijah is dead. They return to reading the diary and discover that the killing couldn't have actually worked because Damon took the dagger out. Elijah arrives outside and smashes down the door with a pebble he throws. He threatens to wait there until she comes out. When Elena goes out, he tells her the deal is off. She threatens to kill herself or make herself a vampire if he won't stick to their deal. "I'm going to have to call your bluff," he says. She stabs herself. He gasps and offers her the deal. She falls into his arms and stabs him. He turns gray and dies. Damon pops up and tells them not to pull the dagger out this time. They dump his body and take the moon stone out of his pocket. She tells the brothers that they have to do things her way from now on. They agree to that. After she leaves, Damon remembers Lexi and a lecture she gave him about how his hatred would get the better of him.


Damon goes home and finds Katherine in his shower. Naked, she explains that Elijah's spell on her ended when he died and demands that he get her a robe.


Bonnie and Jeremy meet at the bar and he asks her to come over later and practice some magic with him. Luka storms in and demands to know what happened last night. She covers but he knows she's lying. Jeremy gets him to back off. Later, Bonnie drops by Jeremy's and discovers that he's lit candles. She guesses this might be a date. She wants to make sure things are cool with his sister before they start 'hanging' out. He asks her if she liked kissing him. "Yeah," she admits. They sit by the fire and try some spells. He asks her to try channeling the water in his body. Bonnie touches his chest but the moment is interrupted when Dr. Martin storms in and demands to know what Luka told her. She knows about his daughter and wants to help. He grabs her by the throat and casts a spell. Once he leaves, Jeremy runs to her. "He took my powers," she sobs.


Back at home, Jenna asks Alaric what happened to Isabelle. He won't talk about it. She guesses that he's been dishonest with her and walks away. John sticks his head in and gets snarky. Ric takes off his ring and leaves it on the table for him. "After what you did to Damon, you're going to need it more than me," he says.


Cryptic commentary: It was the first week without werewolves for a long time and the results were kind of middling. Without Caroline and Tyler, there was a bit of a hole in things. They tried to fill it up with a lot of flashbacks, which were more or less successful. Seeing bad Stefan makes him look so much more potentially interesting. But it was seeing Damon so prim and proper that was positively hilarious. It was good to see a little more of Jenna and Alaric too. They killed Elijah twice. That's slightly heartbreaking. I actually liked him. There was something comical about it all, although it wasn't exactly funny. Katherine showing up at the end was really like something out of a soap opera. That was fun.

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