Crying Wolf.

Thursday, February 10th, 2011

The werewolves go after Elena, Bonnie and Jeremy kiss and Damon gets tortured.

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In the woods, Brady and his comrades pile up the latest dead werewolves for burning. Stevie tells Jules that Mason was after the moonstone for Katherine to break the curse. He assumes the vampires are out to break the curse. Brady says they can't let them do that or they'll be facing werewolf Armageddon. Later, Tyler shows up, surprised to see they are still around. They tell him they need his help getting the moonstone. Stevie says they need him to help them find Mason's girlfriend. When they show him a picture, he recognizes it and exclaims that it's Elena.

At Elena's, the phone rings and she falls out of her slumber party bed to answer it. It's Stefan. She wants them to have a slumber party of their own. They decide to get out of town and away from her dad. Bonnie and Caroline go off to the pub to discuss what to do with Luka. Caroline's distracted by Matt. She approaches him and asks if they can talk about their relationship. He confronts her for lying to him and walks away. Tyler rushes in to talk to her but she pushes him away. He grabs her phone and sends a fake message to Elena from Caroline. Elena unwittingly tells him she is going off to the lake house and he gives this information to Brady.


Stefan and Elena drive out to the lake house. She sighs and remembers what happened last time she was there. Stefan discovers that he can't actually enter the house without her invitation. She jokingly refuses and then lets him in. They make out. Later, they stand on the dock and reminisce. She wonders about their future and he tells her that he loves her. He makes her dinner and then they wander around. She smells her mom's old perfume and then they make out some more. He notices that the wall is hollow. When he opens it up, he finds a door that leads to a room full of weapons.


At home, Damon gets his story straight with Andie and sends her off to cover Elijah's tea party. Alaric comes in and Damon shows him the dagger John gave him. Alaric still doesn't trust him. They head to the tea party. Damon hobnobs until Carol introduces him to Elijah. The vampires slip away. Damon probes for information but Elijah isn't forthcoming and throws him around, jabbing a pencil in his neck. He orders Damon to do what he says and keep Elena safe. Meanwhile, John shows up and starts taunting Alaric about keeping his 'extracurricular' activities from Jenna. He asks him to give back the ring Isabelle gave him.


Bonnie meets Luka at the pub. Caroline and Jeremy watch them from across the room as Bonnie turns on the charm. She knocks the warlock out. They carry him back to Caroline's and set up candles for a spell. Jeremy gets her a bowl of water and Caroline teases Bonnie about him. They get Luka into a trance and ask him why he's working with Elijah. He explains that Elijah has his sister and will only give her back if they help him kill Klaus. Luka tries to break the trance but Bonnie probes for more. He explains that Klaus will be vulnerable enough to be killed after Elena is sacrificed.


At home, Damon and Alaric lay around after drinking. "That Elijah is one scary dude with nice hair," Alaric says. They drink more and talk about what to do next. Alaric urges him not to kill Andie and then heads out. On the way, he gets stabbed. Stevie leaps on top of Damon and injects something in his neck. Jules and the wolf boys walk in. When Damon comes to, he's tied up with a nail encrusted collar. He's tortured. Jules asks for the moonstone and Damon laughs about the irony of the situation. She tells him he'll be the one to die over the stone this time. Elijah suddenly strolls in with the stone in his hand. He lets a werewolf try to take it and rips out their heart. After he rips out a second heart, Jules runs away. Elijah points out that this is third time he's saved Damon's life.


In the trailer, Brady asks Tyler if he's up for the fight. He says he is. They go to the lake house and shoot Stefan when they find him in the garage. Tyler is left alone with the vampire. Stefan swears that they don't want to break the curse and explains that it would mean that Elena would have to die. Back in the house, Elena starts looking through John's old journals. Eventually, she notices Stefan has been gone for a long time. Brady sneaks up and tries to grab her. She stabs him and runs upstairs. He follows her smell but she manages to get behind him and stab him in the neck. When he chases after her, Stefan suddenly jumps out and finishes him off. Tyler comes out of the shadows. "I didn't know that they were going to do to you. I just didn't want to be like this anymore," he says. She hugs him. Back at the Lockwood mansion, Carol finds a note from Tyler. Over at the bar, Tyler approaches Matt and admits that he's fallen for Caroline... but she loves him so he asks Matt to be good to her. Tyler goes off and joins Jules, telling her that he will only go with her if there are no more lies. She tells him he's doing the right thing. They drive away.


Back at the Gilbert house, John isn't happy when Jenna tells him that Elena is with Stefan. He starts mocking Ric and tells her that he's a liar. He urges her to dig into what really happened to his supposedly dead wife.

Bonnie and Jeremy show up to tell Damon about Elijah's real plan. Alaric wakes up on the floor and calls Jenna. Damon calls his brother to fill him in. Stefan turns to Elena and tells her about the plan. She knows that the deal she made was only to protect her friends, not her. She will always choose her friends over herself. He doesn't know how she could be planning a future with him when she doesn't intend to live. "That's not heroic, it's tragic," he says. Meanwhile, Bonnie tells Jeremy that she's been surprised to see him suddenly turn into a hot guy. She awkwardly mumbles until he kisses her.


Cryptic commentary: Is it just me, or is it actually fun to watch Damon get tortured? I get a kick out of it. He's at his most likable when someone is trying to kill him. There were some other nice touches. The geeky werewolf Stevie added a bit of levity. There were also some nice, quiet moments with Stefan and Elena. Her deal with Elijah is now out in the open which will lead to lots of characters accusing each other of being martyrs. For the most part though, something felt unfocused about this episode, like it was all plot points being covered. Even Bonnie and Jeremy's kiss felt dropped in.

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