Daddy Issues.

Thursday, February 3rd, 2011

Jules abducts and tortures Caroline, John gets in everyone's faces and Tyler gets more confused.

Daddy Issues. image

When Caroline walks out of her house, she's startled to find Tyler waiting for her. She awkwardly talks about their kiss and says they can't go there again. He begins interrogating her about his uncle and then explains that he knows Stefan and Damon killed him. When she admits that she's known all along, he throws her against the car and then storms off. He goes to see Jules and she tells him that it's natural for them to be enemies with vampires. She encourages him to leave with her for a new life. Jules goes out to the woods and meets with Brady. She tells him that she wants Tyler more than vengeance. He thinks they can have both. They make out.


Damon gets out of the shower to watch the news about the recent killings. When he goes downstairs, his brother tells him about bringing John back. Stefan says that John has a way to keep Elena safe. They trade barbs about Damon's feelings for Rose and he threatens to get his own 'hero hairdo' to steal Stefan's thunder. After he saunters off, Caroline shows up to tell Stefan that Tyler knows about Mason. Stefan immediately runs off and breaks into the Lockwood mansion to confront Tyler. He tells him that vampires and werewolves can be friends and they don't have to disrupt their lives. Tyler's phone starts ringing so Stefan grabs it.


Elena isn't happy to see John still at her house. He insists that he's only there to protect her. Alaric and Jenna wander in and are shocked to see him. Alaric takes off and Elena explains to Jenna that John is her biological father. He takes off and Damon shows up. She fills him in and they discuss John. He leaves to have a 'civil' conversation with her father.

John talks to Carol at a memorial. She tells him that Damon is on the counsel now. Jeremy shows up and offers him the ring but John refuses to take it and Jeremy refuses to have lunch with him. Across the park, Dr. Martin stalks up to Bonnie and she confronts him over working for Elijah. Jeremy interrupts and takes her away.


On the street, Matt runs into Caroline and hopes they can meet up later to clear up the weirdness between them. After he leaves, Jules shows up and sprays vervane in her face. As soon as Caroline recovers, Brady shoots her in the head. When she wakes up and pulls the bullet out, she notices she's locked in a cage in a trailer. Brady begins taunting her and shoots her again. Jules slips off to call Stefan with Caroline's phone and threatens to kill her if he doesn't bring them Tyler.


Jenna and Alaric are at the pub. Her head is spinning about John, who instantly wanders in and asks to join them. Damon and Elena arrive. She begs him not to be stupid. Damon threatens John quietly but it's not very impressive. Damon mopes at the bar until Andi Starr is introduced to him. He blows her off and walks over to Elena. Stefan calls and fills them in on what's happening with Caroline. Damon wants to kill Tyler. John interrupts and Damon tells him to ground his daughter while he goes out. John lectures her about trusting Elijah.


Stefan and Tyler soon show up in the woods to meet Jules and then Damon arrives, threatening to take her down. She whistles and a bunch of men with stakes and gasoline show up. Brady orders the men to make Damon suffer. As the fighting begins, Tyler goes into the trailer and finds Caroline. As he lets her out, Jules grabs her and holds a gun to her head. Brady is about to stake Stefan when all of the wolves suddenly begin screaming and twist up on the ground. Dr. Martin walks out and tells the vampires that he promised to keep them safe and they need to go. Stefan takes Caroline home and worries about her. She insists that she's okay. She goes upstairs to clean up her bullet wounds. Matt calls to ask if everything is alright. She claims she's with Bonnie, who just happens to be sitting five feet from him. When she gets off the phone, Tyler shows up and tells her he had no idea this would happen. She wishes he had helped her. She says that they aren't friends anymore and slams the door in his face. Meanwhile, John shows up at Damon's with tools to kill an original. He explains that they have to be stabbed with a dagger coated in ash from an ancient tree.

At home, John startles Elena and she tells him again that she doesn't want him around. He hands her some jewels of her mother's. He knows that he's nothing to her but when she lost her parents, he lost his family too. All that he wants is to protect what's left. After he walks out, Stefan shows up and she runs to him and sobs. He goes back to see Caroline again and brings Elena and Bonnie with him so they can have a slumber party. Meanwhile, John goes down to the tombs to see Katherine. She wants out and he says he's already on it.


Tyler goes out to the woods to see Jules and Brady. They assure him that he could have a better life as a werewolf somewhere else. Tyler tells them about the moonstone his uncle was looking for. Meanwhile, Damon is having a bath with Andi. He tells her that he's in love with a woman he can never have. Not having control makes him dangerous and he kills people. He hates having to keep himself together for this woman because it means not being who he is. They start making out and then he kills her.


Cryptic commentary: Another brutal episode. Poor Caroline. What's even weirder is that seeing all the tension between her and Tyler was even more painful than seeing her get shot in the head repeatedly. Why do all the werewolves seem like they walked out of "Deliverance"? The John dynamic was good to see again and it was great to see more of Damon showing his bloodlust, though he certainly didn't do much during this week's big fight.

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