The Sacrifice.

Thursday, December 2nd, 2010

Tyler and Caroline bond, Elena gets self-destructive and Stefan gets stuck.

The Sacrifice. image

Elena wakes up in bed when she hears something. She starts to creep around and runs into a naked Alaric and Jenna in the hall. He rushes back to his room with his bowl of cereal. Jenna apologizes. Elena heads back to her room where Dr. Martin has been pilfering through her desk. He sneaks out with something.


The Salvatore brothers go down to the crypt to see Katherine. She complains about being smelly, hungry and bored. She offers to help them with Klaus. Immediately after, they go to see Elena. They tell her that they need Bonnie to release the seal long enough for them to get the stone from Katherine. Elena doesn't want them to do this. She's sick of her friends risking themselves for her. She heads over to Damon's and just finds Rose wandering around in her negligee. Elena fills her in on what the brothers want to do. She offers to get her a witch to break the curse if she'll help with her alternative plan. They go to see Slater and find his corpse instead. Rose hears a noise. Alice, Slater's girlfriend, runs in. She's upset for a minute and then chats with Elena, who asks for Slater's computer password. They hack in and find the hard drive empty. Alice gets them the backup drive. Alice suddenly recognizes Elena as the doppelganger and Rose guesses she's been trying to get herself killed this whole time.


At school, Matt runs into Tyler and apologizes for the fight. As he walks off, he runs into Caroline but can't face her. They walk through the woods and discuss her relationship woes. They go down to the Lockwood cellar and he shows her the chains where the werewolves used to be tied up. They also find Mason's old diary and a USB stick. They take it inside her place and plug it in. It's a video of Mason's first transformation. After watching footage of him flailing and screaming in agony, Tyler gets upset and declares that he can't go through that. He wonders why Caroline is helping him now. She thinks he needs help and tells him about when she was turned and the person she killed. "I don't want you to be alone," she says. Matt shows up. He tells her he misses her. They smile but Tyler spoils the mood.


Luka and Bonnie are at school talking about being witches and all the nose bleeds that come with it. He suggests they pool their energy together. They put two of their items together to make a talisman and cast a wind spell. Papers blow everywhere and they laugh until Jeremy intrudes. Luka runs off. Damon calls Bonnie over to his place and Jeremy tags along. Stefan takes out an old photo of Katherine's and Bonnie starts casting a spell. She burns the picture and says the ashes will incapacitate Katherine for a minute. Her nose bleeds. The brothers head out and Jeremy worries about her. She promises him she'll be fine. He grabs some of the ashes and heads down to the crypt alone. After hurling the ashes at Katherine, he goes for the stone. As he runs out with it, she jumps him and bites. He throws the stone past the seal. Stefan and Bonnie arrive. Katherine throws Jeremy at them.


At his place, Dr. Martin and Elijah cast a searching spell for Elena. Elijah gets a picture of her and guesses where she must be. After he leaves, Luka shows up but he shudders as Bonnie casts a spell. He starts to convulse on the floor. Across town, Bonnie convulses and passes out. Katherine tries to feed on Jeremy again so Stefan shoves her off. Bonnie takes Jeremy home. When he starts telling her how he feels, she tries to make him stop. He reaches out to her. She won't let him kiss her and walks out.


Damon shows up at Slater's after being called by Rose. Elena isn't happy to see him and doesn't want to be saved. He orders her out. She tries to punch him. He grabs her fist and tells her not to do it again. Some goons Alice called show up with Elijah behind them. Damon's surprised to see him walking. Rose runs. Elijah rips out the goons' hearts. He speeds off and back to Dr. Martin's. He explains that he saw the doppelganger but wants her kept safe for now; that's why he let Damon live. Meanwhile, Damon takes Elena home and she repeats that she's sick of everyone trying to save her. When she opens the door, Jeremy tells her Stefan is gone. She runs down the crypt and Damon follows her. She fights with him but he makes her leave. Stefan is still stuck in the crypt because of the spell. He makes his brother promise to protect Elena. "That was the biggest mistake you ever made," Katherine tells him.


Cryptic Commentary: The Mystic Falls team is the Timberwolves? Why am I just noticing this now? Luka had a great pick up line for Bonnie: "Let's pool our energy together." It was almost as good as Slater's backup drive being named 'Kristen Stewart'. Two ripped out hearts in this episode but not nearly as violent as usual. The back and forth about rescuing Elena and her not wanting to be rescued is getting old though. As usual, Caroline and Tyler were much more interesting.

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