Thursday, November 11th, 2010

Katherine explains her life story and Elijah comes after Rose and Damon.

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Elena shows up at the Salvatore's. She's kind of freaked to see Rose there. They stand around and talk vampire lore. It seems that Klaus, the oldest vampire in the world, is coming to kill her. Elena leaves for school. Rose sits around and sobs. Damon starts to grill her and she taunts him for being in love with his brother's girlfriend. After pushing each other around, they go to meet a friend of her's, Slater, at a coffee bar. He recognizes Damon and explains that if they want to find Klaus, they should use Craigslist. They discuss werewolves. Elijah stands outside and listens in with his super hearing. He throws a handful of change through the glass and shatters it. Rose and Slater collapse as they burn. Damon drags Rose off and she cries that Klaus will kill them all. They go home and she tells him he has to fight his feelings for Elena. They can only survive if they have no feelings for anyone. This leads to them to having sex in front of the fire.


Elena and Caroline walk through the woods with a valise. They go down to the crypt to see Katherine, although Caroline thinks this is a bad idea. She moves the giant boulder out of the doorway and Katherine stumbles out of the darkness. After sending Caroline away, Elena whips out some books and some blood. She edges a shot glass of blood to her and Katherine begins telling her how she was thrown out of Bulgaria for giving birth out of wedlock and then banished to England. That's where she met Klaus. She ran when she discovered he was a vampire. Trevor sent her to hide with Rose. She gave her the moonstone she stole from Klaus. Rose locked her in the pantry and threatened to turn her over to Klaus. After Rose turned her, Katherine hanged herself. Her apparent death gave her the chance to run but Klaus still came after her. Elena starts putting things together and Katherine tells her that she needs a werewolf and a vampire to hand over to Klaus. She'd planned to send Caroline to him with Tyler but her plans were ruined.


Jeremy helps Bonnie pick up her books at school. He asks her out for pool. She agrees but she's kind of weirded out. Luka walks up and introduces himself. He checks out Bonnie. Meanwhile, Caroline rushes up to Stefan and admits that she told Tyler she's a vampire. They go out and she stuffs her face to quench the murder urge. Stefan drinks herbal tea to calm his annoyance and mentions his friend Lexi. He accuses her of trying to distract him while Elena gets up to trouble. Caroline assures him she's not in danger. Across the room, Bonnie runs into Luka and his dad, Dr. Martin. He begins asking about her family until Jeremy shows up and takes her off to play pool. Luka later joins them. He manages to corner Bonnie alone and comes clean about being a warlock. He makes some sand levitate and insists he and his dad just want to fit in. As they chat, Jeremy stares over at them.

Stefan shows up at the crypt. Katherine tells them about how she had returned to Bulgaria and found her whole family murdered by Klaus. She tells them that he will come after them too. Stefan accuses her of spinning this story so she can manipulate them to free her. She doesn't want to be free. The tomb they locked her in is the only place she will be safe because no vampire can leave it. He takes Elena home. She explains that it's her fault that everyone she loves is in danger. She cries on his shoulder.

Slater calls Rose and explains that she can destroy the curse if she gets the moonstone and a witch. When he gets off the phone, he turns to Elijah, who thanks him and then commands him to kill himself. As he dies on the floor, Dr. Martin comes out of the shadows and Elijah tells him it won't be long now.


Cryptic commentary: Lots of nice touches this week: the vamp with many PHDs, using Craigslist to hunt for the undead, Caroline's usual humor. We also got a lot of back story for Katherine which was great. And in the parade of new characters we got Y&R's Bryton as Luka. But if all of these monsters are looking for a place to fit in, why do they keep going to Mystic Falls where they recognize each other?

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