Thursday, November 4th, 2010

The Salvatore brothers race to save Elena from some new vampires and Caroline and Tyler bond.

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At home, Jeremy does his hair and wonders where his sister is. He looks in her room but there's only a teddy bear. He heads to school where he runs into Stefan and wonders where his sister is. Meanwhile, Caroline tells Damon what happened at the party with Tyler. "The guy's a tool," he sneers. She tells him Tyler's eyes turn gold with amber highlights but he seems pretty clueless and she feels bad for him. Damon forbids her to become friends with a werewolf. He meets up with his brother and Damon admits that Katherine said that Elena was in danger. Stefan decides to go and question her. First, he goes to see Bonnie, who advises him against talking to Katherine. They call in Jeremy and she uses his blood to cast a tracking spell. He drips onto a map and the blood points the way. Damon shows up and declares that he will help with the search.


The brothers take to the road. Stefan wants to talk about whether his brother loves Elena or not. Damon isn't talking. They share some blood. Stefan admits he's been drinking Elena's blood. "How romantic," Damon groans, wishing his brother was still a vicious killer.


Back in Mystic Falls, Jeremy worries and Bonnie hangs out with him until they have an awkward moment. She decides to try another spell. When she tries to send a message to Elena, she collapses in exhaustion. He gets her some water and asks him not to let anyone know her weakness. They both feel alone. She sleeps in his bed. He stares at her.

Tyler wanders the halls of the high school. Seeing the memorials set up for Amy make him feel bad. He doesn't know his strength anymore and breaks his locker. Caroline pops up and tells him not to blame himself. He goes out to play basketball and leaps around before being distracted when he spots Caroline. He rushes over to her and they starts fighting. He's shocked by how strong she is. She refuses to explain anything even though he's terrified. When she goes home, Tyler is there. He accuses her of being a werewolf and she starts to laugh. They fight and she bares her teeth. She gets him some booze and they drink. Caroline would like to tell him all about vampire history, but she needs him to promise that he can keep their conditions a secret. "I have no one else to tell," he says. He's scared of what will happen when the full moon comes.


A guy drives Elena out to an empty space and unloads Elena's body from his trunk to Trevor's. Trevor then bites into his throat and drives off in his SUV. He takes her to a rundown mansion and is about to nibble on her when Rose stops him. Elena gets up and says she's not Katherine. She won't shut up about it so Rose smacks her around. When she wakes up, Rose and Trevor are arguing about Elijah. Elena keeps asking questions. Rose tells her Elijah is one of the original vampires. She's using Elena as a bargaining tool with him to have her curse broken. They need the blood of the Petrovna doppelganger to do that. Trevor comes in and tells 'doppelicious' the story of how they betrayed Katherine. She pouts and sits down, discovering a note magically from Bonnie. Trevor and Rose rush around the house in a panic because Elijah's on the way. She calms him and Elijah shows up. Rose makes him promise to pardon her before she shows him the doppelganger. He zooms over to Elena and sniffs her, amazed that she smells human. Trevor begins apologizing to Elijah for failing him in the past. Elijah slices off his head. Elena offers to help him get the moonstone. He grabs her head and she tells him where it is. Hearing something, they get jumpy. The brothers buzz around. Elijah's not impressed. The brothers grab Elena in the shadows and give her a verbane bomb. She chucks it in Elijah's face. Stefan shoots him and then Damon skewers him on a coat rack. Elena runs into Stefan's arms. They take her home. Bonnie hugs her and then Jeremy.


The brothers go to their place and discuss how to keep Elena safe. Stefan says that can only happen if they stop fighting each other. He apologizes for turning him into a vampire. "I guess I just needed my brother," he says. He drifts into the other room and Rose shows up. She tells him her story and says that things aren't over just because Elijah's dead. The originals will still come after Elena for Klaus. Meanwhile, Damon goes to see Elena and tells her that he loves her... so he can't be selfish with her. His brother is the one who deserves her. Back at the rundown mansion, Elijah revives and yanks the coat rack out of his chest.


Cryptic commentary: It must suck to be a few hundred years old and still be in high school. I like how awkwardly they portray the process of gaining supernatural powers. I wish they would do more of that. Tyler and Caroline are really interesting together. It was also good to see the brothers trying to put things behind them and Stefan managed to be the funnier one this week. And there were more vampires...

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