Bad Moon Rising.

Thursday, September 23rd, 2010

Elena and Damon went to Duke, Caroline and Stefan stumbled into a werewolf, and Katherine showed up in Mystic Falls again.

Bad Moon Rising. image

The brothers dug around for information on the Lockwoods. Alaric explained that werewolves might be involved. Damon worried that he'd be screwed if that's the case. Meanwhile, Elena wasn't eager to run off and dig through her dead birth mother's stuff but Stefan told her it was the thing to do. The trip began as Elena and Damon bickered all the way to Duke. Alaric took them to Elizabeth's old office. As soon as they started looking around, one of her former students showed up to shot a cross bow at Elena. Damon took the shot and she had to yank the arrow out. Elena forbade him to seek revenge. They went back to digging around and discovered an old story about how the Aztecs split night and day between vampires and werewolves. Vampires are still the prey of choice for werewolves. Elena then looked for the dirt on her doppelganger. Damon continued antagonizing her and then told her that Katherine's last name was Pertrovna. He gave her a book of hers and wondered if she'd hate him forever. She questioned him about the ring and he admitted that he let her brother wear it on purpose. After that, she told him she'd hate him forever.


Bonnie worried that the Caroline she once knew was totally gone so she tried casting a spell to cure her. It seemed to work. Stefan took Caroline out to the woods to teach her to catch bunnies and explain how being a vampire magnifies who you are. "So I'm an insecure, neurotic control freak on crack?" she asked. Then they went to a kegger by the old swimming hole. Caroline chased Amy away from Matt and then Stefan gave her another lecture. Meanwhile, Tyler pulled the Amy down to the underground room. She started to get creeped out and ran off.


When it got dark, Caroline and Matt went out to the woods to make out while Elena called Stefan to warn him about the werewolves. Stefan rushed off to search for Caroline. She was busy making out with Matt. After she accidentally cut him, she couldn't stop herself from drinking his blood. Stefan rushed over and stopped her. A werewolf loomed so they ran. The wolf attacked her but Tyler called him off. When things calmed down, Caroline couldn't believe what had just happened. When they went back to town, she flipped out on Matt when she saw him chatting to Amy. He was sick of her drama and dumped her. When she woke up the next day, Katherine was sitting on her bed. "We're going to have so much fun together," Katherine said.

As Tyler drifted through the woods, he discovered that Mason was the werewolf.

Cryptic commentary: That was quick work bringing the werewolves into the mix, and I like that the transformation of the werewolf was shot in a trashy way so it looked like a van rocking. Still, I'm more interested in seeing where Caroline will go next. She seems pretty easily swayed. It'll be good to get some more Katherine because the mood swings between Elena and Damon get tired.

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