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On March 21.

Since Elena continues to be a going concern, Damon decides it might be a good idea to get her out of Mystic Falls for awhile. He decides to take her to New York City, where it is far easier to leave dead bodies around. This soon rekindles memories of his time partying hard in the underground clubs of the city back in the 1970s. The flashbacks include a few revelations about his complicated past with Lexi. Rebekah shows up to crash the party. The original quickly realizes that Elena is up to a lot more than Damon is clued into.

Back in Mystic Falls, Caroline and Stefan do their best to convince Klaus that he should help them track down Silas before they are all facing even more serious problems. And Bonnie's already tenuous grip on reality continues to loosen as she deals with a major decision.

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- Matt Purvis