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(Bob Mahoney/The CW)

On March 14.

Now that Damon has unleashed the emotionally dead Elena onto the world, everyone is starting to feel more than a bit uncomfortable. The Salvatore brothers agree that she should try to keep up a normal routine. Carolineꞌs dreams of having her back on the cheer squad come true, but they rapidly turn into a hideous nightmare when Elena starts to get very nasty with her competition.

Damon and Rebekah agree to work together to try and hunt down the cure, even if it does look like Katherine may have already taken it. As usual, Damon is hardly subtle in his criticism of Beks and this leads to some serious friction between the pair. They are quickly distracted when Elenaꞌs latest antics include her throwing a huge and violent party.

Meanwhile, Klaus turns to hybrid Hayley and pokes her for some relevant information. She winds up letting some secrets slip that give the original some details he wasn't expecting.

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- Matt Purvis