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(Justin Stephens/The CW)

On January 31.

Klaus attempts to get his sister Rebekah to work with him again. He needs her help to stop Kol from his rampage. When she refuses, Klaus winds up turning to Stefan for help protecting Jeremy. Their collaboration only intensifies the friction between the Salvatore brothers. Klaus makes that even worse by revealing some details of Stefan's past. Damon goes from being annoyed to confused when Klaus actually starts asking him for personal advice.

The family fighting continues around Mystic Falls. Bonnie is still not glad that her dad is back in town. She thinks his odd way of trying to combat violence in the town is a terrible idea. They get into a nasty fight about it. She storms off and straight into another confrontation, this time with Kol.

And Klaus isn't the only person making plans to protect Jeremy. Elena has some of her own. Much like Klaus, she needs Stefan's help too, which puts Stefan in an even more awkward position. Stefan continues to be a man in demand. When Rebekah gets mopey over the Decade Dance being cancelled, he winds up being the one to put a smile back on her face.

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