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(Bob Mahoney/The CW)

(Bob Mahoney/The CW)

Complicating things.

Klaus continues trying to wield his power over everyone and Jeremy doesn't like it. The young hunter is particularly annoyed that Niklaus keeps making him toe the line by putting Matt's life at risk. Damon has to step in and teach Jeremy some anger management. He also has to teach him something he's actually good at, like fighting skills, so he can take on Klaus' new herd of vampires.

Klaus' schemes could hit a snag now that not one, but two of his siblings are in Mystic Falls. Kol strolls back into town and starts putting a wrench into everyone's plans. He's heard that they are looking for a cure and is determined to stop that from happening.

Meanwhile, Rebekah looks for friends. Since she doesn't have any luck getting new ones, she turns to an old one. Beks reminds Stefan that they used to be close. Maybe the blond can distract him from the fact that Elena is on Klaus' tail? She keeps bothering him to keep her brother safe. In the end, she'll have to find her own way to keep Jer safe from a new threat.

And Bonnie gets her knickers in a twist when her father, Mayor Hopkins, and Sheriff Forbes haul Shane in for questioning. Suspicion is falling his way for all of those Founders' Council deaths. All of this irks Bonnie. She has some uncomfortable questions of her own for the mysterious professor and his answers shove her in a new direction.

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