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Updated: January 9, 2013.

TV Guide has reported that the season's newest episode will be a homage to the classic teen movie, "The Breakfast Club." The classic from the 1980s, directed by John Hughes, featured a motley group of teenagers insulting one another, complaining about life and sneaking into closets while they were stuck in detention. "VD" will follow suit as its cast of perpetual high school students actually get disciplined for once and are forced to face up to the friction between them.

Original article: December 24, 2012.

Recently raised from the grave again, Rebekah makes a surprise appearance at Mystic Falls High. Stefan, Elena and Caroline can't avoid her in the halls for long. She's eager for some answers about this curious cure they are trying to get their hands on. In the course of their sharing and sparring, something they weren't expecting comes to light: another big problem with Elena.

Bonnie's father Rudy comes back to town when she wasn't expecting him. He takes over as interim mayor since Carol was found floating face down in the fountain. Rudy starts making up for lost time in his plans to protect his daughter from doom. She's not exactly receptive to him playing papa in her life again. She turns for guidance from Professor Shane instead. He keeps pushing her to recover all of her powers, but he seems to be losing the power to keep his gob shut and starts blabbing more than he should.

Life goes on for Tyler after his mother's death. Since he made Klaus his arch enemy, it's going far from smoothly. Caroline tries to help her wounded boyfriend, but he needs a lot more than she can provide. Meanwhile, Klaus is getting sick of waiting around for Jeremy's mark to grow. He doesn't think that Damon and Matt are doing a good enough job training him and feeding his bloodlust so he steps in to up the ante.

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