(Justin Stephens/The CW)

(Justin Stephens/The CW)

On November 1.

There's a new professor is Mystic Falls. Professor Shane has taken over the classes which used to be taught by Bonnie's grandmother at Whitmore College. Damon, Elena and Bonnie all drop in to see what he really knows about Occult Studies.

College life seems to be attractive to Damon. He takes Elena to a frat party. Since it's a costume affair, they can go about their vampire business a lot more nonchalantly than usual. Amidst all of the drunkenness, Damon coaches Elena about how to pick the right victim. Meanwhile, Rebekah keeps trying to make amends to Matt, but he isn't interested in what she's offering him.

Rebekah's miserable life gets a little brighter thanks to a message she receives from brother Klaus. And Stefan wants to get something out of Klaus. He assumes that the original must have the dirt on why Connor is in town and ready to kill them all. Klaus tells him a story about a nasty run-in with a group of vampire hunters a few centuries ago. But it winds up being Rebekah who tells Stefan what he really needed to hear.

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