Nobody likes Beks. (Bob Mahoney/The CW)

Klaus is back. (Justin Stephens/The CW)

On October 25.

Deadly vampire hunter Connor continues in his quest to uncover all of the hidden secrets swarming below the surface in Mystic Falls. He starts hitting pretty close to home when he tries recruiting Jeremy to his killing crusade. Damon and Klaus have had about enough of this guy and pull Meredith in to help them get to the bottom of what Connor is doing. When they confront him, things get bloody.

Newly vampirized Elena continues doing her best to act like a relatively normal high school senior. Professional normal human Matt is there to make sure that the illusion seems believable. However, things are complicated by the fact that Rebekah is still hanging out at school and even Caroline can't be all that helpful. Elena and Rebekah have a nasty skirmish and it quickly becomes clear how lonely Bekah really is when she starts trying to make friends with April.

Elena's life looks slightly brighter for a moment thanks to Stefan distracting her with a motorcycle ride. Their time together stirs something in him and he has to look to Caroline for some advice about how to handle his feelings.

Meanwhile, Tyler has some unexpected emotions of his own to deal with when Hayley, an old werewolf companion, shows up.

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- Matt Purvis