Hard to adjust. (Bob Mahoney/CW)

Stefan has a new enemy. (Bob Mahoney/CW)


Becoming a vampire is hard, even in Mystic Falls. Elena is having a rough time as she hits the highs and lows of being a bloodsucker. Damon and Stefan are making the whole experience suck even more since their sibling shenanigans lead to constant feuding. After the brothers nearly pound each other into pulp, Damon decides to help Elena in his own special way but asks her to keep it a secret. Whatever he does doesn’t seem to make things better. She nearly has a freak out at a town event and it winds up being Caroline who helps her.

Elena might not have time to get used to being a vampire if the town’s newest resident has anything to say about it. Connor Jordan arrives in town to start putting his kill list together. The vampire hunter meets with Sheriff Forbes and Mayor Lockwood to get the dirt on the local undead and quickly goes into action. Stefan is quickly convinced that they could all be in some serious danger.

Meanwhile, things around town are still not going smoothly for the more regular human beings. Jeremy and Matt run into a girl they used to know. April is back at Mystic Falls High. And while that may portend the coming of some kind of teen angst, Damon is still getting emo about Elena and spills his guts about it to someone you normally wouldn’t expect.

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Photo Credit: Bob Mahoney/The CW

- Matt Purvis