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"There will be blood."

Thousands turned out to the Metro Toronto Convention Centre this past weekend, which featured headliners such as Scott Bakula ("Desperate Housewives," "Quantum Leap," "Enterprise,") Torrey DeVitto ("One Tree Hill," "Pretty Little Liars," "The Vampire Diaries,") Colin Ferguson ("Eureka," "The Opposite Sex," "Because I Said So,") Jeri Ryan ("Body Of Proof," "Boston Public," "Star Trek: Voyager,") and Paul Wesley ("24," "Another World," "Guiding Light," "The Vampire Diaries,") amongst others. took the opportunity to sit in on a panel with Paul Wesley, who has appeared on the soaps before making it big with his CW hit. He and his actress wife, Torrey DeVitto spoke about their trip into the city, Ripper Stefan, which character Torrey prefers to play and more.

The duo spoke about lightening hitting their plane on the way to Toronto and after it happened, Paul says, "I turned around looking for comfort and I saw Joan Rivers." While he didn't get support from her, Torrey admitted she was frightened. They fans were happy the couple made it to the convention and participated in a Q&A session.

When a fan told Paul Wesley she wanted Damon and Elena to be together, fans booed and so did Paul. He was joking and firmly said, "I don’t ship anyone. I have no shipping bias!" This was a new term the fan had taught him which he used a few times much to the amusement of the floor. Though he didn't confide in who he really was rooting for, Paul did jokingly tease, "Stefan evolves in a relationship with another character." The room fell silent for long moments not quite sure if he was being serious.

A fan asked, "How do they [the actors] get the fangs?" Paul joked, "I have them." He opened his mouth wide to show the fan. "I do I have natural born fangs. But, actually we do have fangs that are fitted. Sometimes they fall out," he said. During the most inopportune times. "I’d be like..." He moved in for an air bite, "Elena…" and one falls out. So not cool."

"What is your favorite scene last season?"

"When he [Stefan] was ashamed to become a vampire and my eyes were turning red and she [Elena] kept touching them. It was very emotional."

"Can I have a spoiler from the coming episodes?"

Paul said, "There will be blood." He laughed and then teased, "Elena will make a choice." Later on, he repeated, "There is a choice made in the triangle it’s very climactic." He also revealed, "There's a situation that occurs in deep water."

"What scene has been your favorite to tape this current season?"

"Yeah, Ripper Stefan during the ripper days when he was compelling. That was great. There was this guy, bless his heart. He was um, you know, just that one scene where I made him drink his wife’s blood. You remember that? We used this really nasty like corn syrup gross stuff and like, I’ve been on the show three years now so I know if I drink it in a scene I spit it right out after and this guy [an actor] was like – nobody told him and he just drank like cups of it and it was nasty. It just added to how awful the scene was."

Torrey said, "I probably had the most fun playing nanny Carrie ["One Tree Hill"]. I think if I were to be friends with a character, it’d totally be Meredith [Dr. Meredith Fell, "Vampire Diaries."] I like how strong she is, how educated, smart and honest." Paul chipped in with, "I’d be friends with Nanny Carrie." The fans chuckled as he lewdly said, "Be my nanny, take care of me…"

"Who do you prefer to play?"

"Hands down ripper I mean without a doubt and if I could play Ripper Stefan for the next six years I would. It’s just more... for some reason it comes naturally for me. It’s really difficult for me to play a hero. It’s easier. The job is easier. It’s more fun playing ripper – he’s more fun and people really seem to be responding to it. But he’s been really getting good lately and it's annoying me!"

"Hardest scene for Paul?"

"There was this one scene where it was 20 degrees outside and they poured rain on us. That sucked. It was hard just physically excruciating, freezing cold. I don’t know how you Canadians do it." Torrey was in Toronto filming "Beautiful People" and recalled her own difficulties during an outdoor winter scene. "My face froze and I couldn’t talk anymore and the whole scene sounded like we’re men." Straight-faced, Paul said, "That’s really hot. I really want to see that scene."

"What’s the craziest thing a fan has ever asked?"

"When a fan asked me to bite me or sign odd areas of their bodies." Torrey chimed in, "Oh yeah I signed someone’s butt one time, remember? At McDonalds?" Paul remembered with a laugh. "Oh yeah, McDonalds. ""Sign my ass" as we’re eating… his ass in your face… And you did it! You freakin’ did it!" Torrey retorts, "And you took a picture." Paul laughed... "I did!" They recounted that their food was still on the table.

The newlyweds confessed neither of them is jealous over watching love scenes. "We're professional," Paul stated, and Torrey was asked to provide spoilers for "Pretty Little Liars'" next season but she could not. She apologetically told fans, "They wouldn’t tell us anything." She did say, "They will stray from the books and keep to them in some ways." Torrey tells fans she starts filming in a week for the next season of "Pretty Little Liars."

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- Christine Fix