The Vampire Diaries Spoilers For April 7 Know Thy Enemy Episode image

Isobel settles in (

More witchcraft and a dysfunctional family reunion.

It will be another long three weeks before The Vampire Diaries returns, but here's a sneak peek on what you can expect when the episode "Know Thy Enemy" airs.

Having Isobel suddenly return knocks the already precarious state of things even more off kilter in Mystic Falls. Elena and Alaric both throw fits at John but it's Jenna who suffers the most from having her back. Jeremy stays out of the way as Elena and her estranged mother interact. He spends all of his time working with Bonnie on a spell they hope will harness all of the power of her ancestors.

Bonnie won't be the only witch in town either. Look for a new warlock to pop up who may have something to do with Klaus. As the battle against the Original heats up, Stefan and Damon discover that they have a secret weapon. On a rather different note, coming out as a vampire to Matt and letting him drink her blood wasn't the bonding experience that Caroline was hoping for. She has her heart broken when he pushes her away.

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