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Damon's looking evil (CW)

Unhappy returns.

The week that The Vampire Diaries finally returns to airing new episodes is now upon us. Here is a sneak peek at what viewers can expect to see over the next two weeks.

One of the most hated men in Mystic Falls returns and, unsurprisingly, no one is happy to see him. Jonathan Gilbert is back and Elena, Jenna and Damon are disturbed by what he has to say. Jeremy sneaks off from the familial misery to offer Bonnie some comfort. The witch has a disturbing conversation herself, only with Luka's warlock father, Jonas. Since they know the town's newest witches can't be trusted, they bring Caroline in to help them trick some truth out of Luka about his father and what they're up to.

Caroline fills Stefan in on all of the information that she's been getting from her new chum Tyler. Stefan is moved by the newbie werewolf's difficult time with his radical life changes and tries reaching out to him to help. The vampire and werewolf bonding session comes to an end though when Jules kicks up her little war and takes a hostage. This leads to more violence, but she still manages to find the time to explain to Tyler all about the moon curse... well almost all. She leaves out one important detail that could make a big difference.

Stefan decides that things in Mystic Falls are too nasty and tries whisking Elena away for a romantic weekend at the lake house. Too bad for them that they are followed out there by someone who doesn't wish them well. Back in town, things aren't exactly going well for Jenna either. She starts to fear that Alaric has been keeping things from her. And Damon continues to dig for what is supposed to be happening with Klaus. He goes to a tea party to needle Elijah for information but the older vamp isn't about to give up any secrets.

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