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Waiting for Klaus (CW)

Klaus is coming.

Although The Vampire Diaries may be on a hiatus that feels like it's lasting forever, that doesn't mean that the people at the show are on holiday. In fact, they're working hard finishing off this season's episodes and putting the pieces together for the arrival of Klaus, the ancient vamp who is destined to come to town for a blood bath some time in the near future.

Although lots of names have been bandied about for who could take the honors of playing the most horrifying vampire around, the casting isn't settled quite yet. Producer Julie Plec has been listening to the fan requests flooding in and hundreds of actors have been auditioned around the world but nothing has been made public yet.

"The big important elements of this character are charisma and gravitas. You’ve got to be able to be afraid of this guy, whether you’re afraid of him because he looks scary or because he’s so charming that the fact that he can snap your neck with his pinky would take you by surprise. So whether he’s an Old World-flavored guy or new hip, contemporary, speedy kinda guy, that remains to be seen. We’ll see what actor we connect to the most," Plec told Entertainment Weekly.

Who would you like to see as Klaus? Tell who you think would be the perfect casting choice in the comments section below.

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