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The past returns. (Soaps.com)

Mason's limited lifespan. (Soaps.com)

Things got fleshed out and torn apart.

The second year of The Vampire Diaries has proven to be just about as blood soaked and fast paced as the first. There have been plenty more vampires and witches added into the mix but the game changer so far has been the addition of werewolves to the world of Mystic Falls.

Spicing up the triangle.

Although the unending Damon, Stefan and Elena triangle is still a central element, it's been complicated quite a bit by throwing Katherine straight into the mix. The vampish vixen who turned the brothers from bland Southern gentleman into bloodsucking fiends got fleshed out into more than just the specter that haunts them. We got to travel back in time a few centuries and see her go from peasant girl to princess of doom. Nina Dobrev (Katherine/Elena) has been having loads of fun with the role and even got to speak some Bulgarian. Damon and Elena shared some tense moments, but he was soon distracted by new vamp, Rose.

The vamp and the wolfboy.
Caroline quickly managed to become a more intriguing and mature character now that she's among the undead. This has been helped in no small part thanks to her involvement with the show's new werewolf – Tyler Lockwood. They manage to highlight everything interesting about each other and what they're going through. Besides that, they have great chemistry and provide one of the most believable examples of how the show bridges teen drama and horror.

Poor Mason.
A surfer werewolf could have been so much more fun. He was easy on the eyes but not for this world. His rapid demise was one of the examples of what happens when the show moves too fast and squanders more than it gains in the process.

Lurching in love.
Poor, awkward Jeremy moped around and tried to flirt with Bonnie. He would have tried a lot more but she kept shooting him down. She was quickly distracted by the town's new witch, or warlock as he prefers, Luka. He's not using his witchcraft, just his charm, to try and get into Bonnie's pants, but like most mortal based plots on the show it feels like it's going at a snail's pace.

Body count.
Almost every week we get a few new characters who are rapidly killed off. Major old school vampire Elijah has been the one doing most of the killing. He's spooky and needs more screen time than his sporadic jump-ups. He and Damon need to engage in a battle of sarcastic remarks rather than just skewering each other with household items for fun. Most of the vamps this season worked for comic relief, filling the show with a lot of its more clever moments and pop culture jokes. It's good to have the levity though since Alaric's humorous side has been underused, though still present, and the bloodbath that the arrival of Immoral Klaus promises in the near future would be hard to stomach without it.

Did I leave anything out? Probably, since the show goes so fast. What did you think of as the highlights for the season so far? Tell us in the comments section below. Happy New Year to all of my fellow The Vampire Diaries fans and I'll see you in the new year.

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- Matt Purvis