Ian Somerhalder (CW)

From actor to activist.

The Vampire Diaries star Ian Somerhalder (Damon) has been busy at work on a project in his time away from Mystic Falls. Although he plays a brutal, selfish killer on the series, in real life, he couldn't be more different. For awhile now, the actor has been using his name to further the interest of numerous environmental and animal rights causes and is now lending his name to a foundation he has started.

The IS Foundation was created by Somerhalder to educate and collaborate with people on projects to help the environment and its animals. It's seeking to work with other non-profit and for-profit groups to foster global awareness of green issues, mobilize youth to do activist work around the world, end animal cruelty and help distribute resources.

For more information, please visit The IS Foundation.

Check out this video of the actor discussing his project.


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