The Vampire Diaries Spoilers For December 2 image

Stefan is called in to help. (CW)

We won't get another fresh episode of The Vampire Diaries until December 2, but here's a sneak peek at what to expect when the show returns.

Sick of seeing her friends and family being torn apart by the fact that she's unfortunate enough to be a doppelganger desired by some nasty vamps, Elena attempts to take matters into her own hands. She recruits Rose to help her in her war on the Old Ones. This plan rapidly runs into the ground. As things spiral out of control, Rose turns to her new bed buddy Damon to help deal with the mess.

Jeremy continues trying to act like a hero, but his on-going attempts to impress Bonnie with his help proves that he can screw things up just as badly as his sister. When he tries to help the witch get her hands on the moonstone, he ends up facing death and Stefan has to be called in to rescue him. During all of this, Bonnie's eyes continue to wander back to Luka and they rapidly forge a quick bond. They aren't the only ones getting close either. Tyler and Caroline continue to get to know each other as she helps him maneuver through the life of the cursed. He takes her down to the Lockwood cellar where they make a horrifying discovery.

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