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Elena in captivity (CW)

New characters and new relationships.

Over the next two weeks in Mystic Falls, the long undead Salvatore brothers get a bit of history lesson about vampires near and far.

Although Katherine may be locked away, that doesn't stop some other vamps from dropping in to wreak havoc. Rose and her vampire goons come to town to terrorize Elena and cause further problems for the brothers. It won't just be new characters either, it will also be new revelations about the past. Katherine's tumultuous history starts to be made clear over a series of flashbacks spanning back to her time in fifteenth century Bulgaria. "We find out how she became a vampire and what led her to become the person she is today — a selfish, maniacal woman who only looks out for herself," Nina Dobrev (Katherine/Elena) told TV Guide.

It isn't just vampires of course. Jeremy and Bonnie continue to bond. Not only has she noticed that he's grown up, she's also noticed that he can be a help to her. He's there for her after she casts an exhausting and dangerous spell. Meanwhile, Caroline tries to be there for Tyler now that he's joined the ranks of the town's ghouls.

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