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    In our 'Daily Updates' section, gives you your weekly dose of what's happening on 'Ugly Betty'! We invite you to read our in-depth updates which we try to post before 11:00pm ET!

    Sofia's Choice

    Thursday, January 11 2007
    Betty discovers a horrible truth, Daniel proposes to Sofia and Wilhelmina shows a different side!

    Sofia knows how to handle Betty!

    Betty gets her first assignment from Sophia. She wants Betty to write an article about her experience of being an outsider at Mode. When Betty informs her that she doesn’t feel comfortable doing an article like that yet, Sophia breaks down in tears and tells Betty that she feels this is where she loses Daniel….just like all of the other girls. She informs Betty that this is her chance to make it big and that she needs to get over to Mode and get the started on the article. When Betty leaves Sofia cuts the act and quickly wipes away her fake tears.

    Betty goes to see Marc first and gets his feedback about his first impression of her when she came to work at Mode. He frantically cleans the office in preparation of Wilhelmina’s return. He shows her a screensaver collage that he has on his computer of his favorite Betty pics that make him laugh. Betty tells him that he had better delete all of those or she will tell everyone about his personal profile on a certain website! Betty goes to Amanda next for her article. Amanda tells her that she hated her because she got the job that she was after for so long. She then tells her that she later became a little envious of her but that it doesn’t mean that they are friends.

    Wilhelmina and Ted - getting close!

    Wilhelmina and Ted continue to become closer and progress with their relationship. Ted brings out an obviously different side of her that her employees never get to see….until today! Wilhelmina arrives at the office and everyone is shocked to see her in a good mood…and in jeans to top it off! She tells Marc that Ted took her shopping at an outlet mall and she was able to shop right along side of fat people. Later Marc brings a delivery for Wilhelmina to her office and almost faints when he opens it. Wilhelmina is thrilled to find a stuffed armadillo that Ted (her Texan) has sent her. Ignacio and his case worker have a falling out. He tries to get a new one but she returns to his home and stresses to him that she can’t just be gotten rid of like a pair of socks. Hilda suggest to her father that he should try being nice to her and maybe start by getting her a small gift.

    Betty catches Daniel and informs him that Sofia was downstairs crying and that if he doesn’t want to lose her….he knows what he needs to do. Betty leaves Mode and grabs some lunch from a hotdog vendor. She sees Sofia exit a cab across the street and approach Hunter (her ex). Betty hides behind the vendor and spies on Sofia while shoving down her lunch. She sees Sofia put some money in Hunter’s shirt pocket and hop back in the cab. Hunter enters the building and Betty runs back to Mode. Betty goes straight to Christina and tells her that she saw Sofia with Hunter. Betty is shocked when Christina tells her that the building that he entered is a strip club. Christiana suggests to Betty that they should investigate more.

    Wilhelmina and Ted have lunch and she thanks him for the gift. She tells him that she is now focusing on the important things in life…..versus “headlines and heels”. Ted informs her that he is carrying around a lot of baggage. She stresses that everyone has baggage, but that they can work through it. Wilhelmina goes to see the mystery woman and tells her that plans sometimes fail and that the attempt to take over Mode may not happen. She tells Wilhelmina that if she isn’t with her then she must be against her. Wilhelmina says to let the chips fall where they may and leaves.

    Daniel takes Sofia to his father’s house to have dinner with both of his parents. Claire introduces herself as his alcoholic mother and takes her away to see some of his baby pictures. They finally sit down to dinner and Sofia is shocked to find out that Daniels brother passed away. They begin to talk about her life growing up and she informs them that she wasn’t raised with a silver spoon in her mouth….and that they could barely afford plastic ones. They later retire to the family room and tell Sofia that sometimes a marriage can be awful, but when bad things happen you realize that you could have never survived it without your partner. Daniel’s parents get up and begin to dance….Daniel and Sofia follow in their lead. Claire tells Bradford that she does like Sofia, but that she thinks that she is hiding something.

    Betty and Christina get an eye full!

    Betty and Christina go to the strip club to find out more information about Hunter (“The 9”) as he is known in the club. Christina gets side tracked with all of the male dancers and Betty tries to keep her focused on the task at hand. They finally get Hunter over to them and continue to tip him so that he will talk to them. Betty is startled to find out that Sofia hired him to play the part of her fiancé. Betty immediately calls Daniel to tell him the news but before she can get it out, Daniel tells her that he has just proposed to Sofia. He thanks Betty for their talk earlier today because it helped him make the decision. Betty can’t think of anything to say but “congratulation”, and hangs up.

    Hunter puts on a real show for the girls!

    Wilhelmina makes plans for her and Ted to go to the opera. She notices his bag on the floor and she asks what is going on. He informs her that he talked to his ex-wife today and feels that he must try to work things out with her. Wilhelmina tells him that they probably never had a real chance anyway and lets him leave. She then turns back to her old attitude.

    The next day at work when Betty approaches Sofia with her morning coffee, Sofia ask her where she got it…..Hunter’s crotch? Sofia informs her that she hired Hunter because she had to keep Daniel on his toes so that she would not end up like the other girls. Sofia grabs her coat and tells her that she and Daniel are announcing their engagement on the air this morning. Betty insists that she will grab her things and head right down, but Sofia instructs her to stay there and finish the article about working at Mode. While on her way back to her desk Betty notices two of Sofia’s team members reviewing her latest article that has just been sent to press. Betty can’t believe the title “Fling to ring in 60 days”. Betty grabs the article from them and the chase is on. With one of them on foot and the other on wheels (in a wheelchair), the two employees chase Betty all the way to the elevator. The doors shut just in time and Betty is safe to read the article. She is able to see all of the steps that Sofia recommends (to get a proposal in 60 days) in her relationship with Daniel. Betty rushes over to Christina and tells her that it was all a lie and hands her the article.

    Sofia and Daniel are live on the air when Betty rushes in. Security guards carry Betty out of the studio as she screams for Daniel. The show begins and Sofia tells the morning show hosts all about her new magazine. She tells them that she is also sitting there with the most notorious bachelor in Manhattan….and that she got him to propose to her in 60 days. Daniel squirms as Sofia holds up the article and tells the audience that they can do the same thing. Daniel admits that he was not aware that she was doing this but that they have fallen in love. Sofia turns to Daniel and informs him that he is the one that has fallen in love. She takes the ring off and hands it to him. While all of Manhattan watches the television show, Sofia tells Daniel that she has to focus on her work right now. After the show ends Daniel tells Sofia that he can’t believe that she did this to him. She insists that this is how he has treated numerous girls. She informs him that she had to do it and that this is how she has gotten to where she is today. She tells him that for what it is worth, he was so much more that she thought he would be. Daniel leaves the studio in a total state of shock. Betty tries to stop him to convey how sorry she is, but he doesn’t even notice her there. Bradford stands by Daniel at his house and offers to fire Sofia, but Daniel insists that the stunt that she pulled will probably get him the biggest launch of any magazine he has ever had.

    Ignacio gets more than he bargained for!

    Sofia enters the office to thunderous applause from all except Betty. Sofia tells Betty that she does believe in her potential and that she sees a lot of herself in her. Betty hands her the article that she has written about working at Mode and tells her that at least the people that work at Mode don’t pretend to be what they’re not. Betty informs Sofia that she is nothing like her and tells her that she quits! Betty turns around and leaves. Ignacio makes his case workers day by giving her a little gift. She hugs him ecstatically and tells him that she hopes to be seeing a lot more of him. Ignacio sits stunned on the couch as she leaves.

    Amanda greets Sofia as she gets into the elevator to leave for the day. When the doors close Amanda starts beating Sofia with her purse while the elevator creeps slowly to its destination. Betty goes to see Daniel at Mode, but Marc quickly informs her that he was last seen at JFK this morning and that no one knows where he is!

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    Posted by sammac_03 at Friday, January 12 2007 12:30 PM

    i love ugly betty.that's all i'm going to say

    Posted by VALERI at Friday, January 12 2007 01:14 PM

    I love Ugly Betty I can not belive what happened last nite with sophia it was all a lie poor daniel he looked so sad well I guess know betty will be going back to MODE just as I though Keep Up the good work guys and girls.

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