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    Ugly Betty CAST - Santos

    Full detailed profile on Santos Played by Kevin Alejandro on Ugly Betty Daytime Soap Opera.

    Kevin Alejandro

    Actor: Kevin Alejandro

    Who played Santos over the years

    Kevin Alejandro (2006 - 2007)

    Useful information on Santos

    * Father of Justin Suarez
    * Was not a part of his son's life growing up
    * Blames Hilda for the way Justin has turned out


    Santos had a fling with Hilda when they were younger which resulted in a son….Justin. Santos has not played an active role in his son’s life until now. When Hilda needed some money she turned to Santo for help. Santos has slowly been spending more and more time with Justin and the Suarez family. Santos is finding it difficult to accept Justin the way that he his. He blames Hilda for Justin having some feminine personality.


    Hilda Suarez


    Justin Suarez (son with Hilda)


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    Thursday, February 15 2007: DERAILED

    Santos, Justin and Hilda hop on the subway to go to the show. Justin stresses even more when suddenly the power starts flickering. He tells his mom that he is mostly upset because his father is going to miss that wonderful experience. Justin stands up, takes off his coat and starts doing his own singing/dancing rendition of “Good Morning Baltimore”. All eyes in the subway cart are on Justin until a man tells him that they have seen enough. Santos stands up and tells him that he is going to let his son finish the story and that he had better clap when it is over.

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