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    Ugly Betty CAST - Claire Meade

    Full detailed profile on Claire Meade Played by Judith Light on Ugly Betty Daytime Soap Opera.

    Judith Light
    Claire Meade

    Actor: Judith Light

    Who played Claire Meade over the years

    Judith Light (2006-present)

    Useful information on Claire Meade

    * Recovering alcoholic
    * Mother of Daniel and Alexis
    * Confided to Betty that she killed Faye
    * Accepts Alexis just as she is




    Claire Meade is the mother of Daniel and Alexis. She is a recovering alcoholic that struggles with the battle everyday. She has been in and out of rehab trying to deal with the addiction, but still drinks when she gets the chance. Claire was overjoyed to find out that her son Alex is still alive. She has no problem accepting him in his new identity of Alexis….she is just glad to have him back. Claire recently confided in Betty that she is the one that killed Fay…not Bradford!


    Bradford Meade






    Alexis Meade (with Bradford) *used to be Alex Meade
    Daniel Meade (with Bradford)


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    Thursday, March 22 2007: Don't Ask, Don't Tell!

    Betty tries to get away from the news cameras and ends up running directly into a wall. Justin amuses himself by watching the footage over and over again. Betty informs Hilda that Daniel’s family is in a real mess right now. At Mode, Bradford and Alexis finally face off! She tells him that she wished that he was still in prison and he tells her that she is fired! Amanda is shocked to find out that Marc still hasn’t told his mother that he is gay. He then informs her that his mother is coming to town and that he needs to end their “make believe” girlfriend/boyfriend relationship is over. He insists that after 3 years his mother is pressuring him to take the relationship to the next level. Amanda gets angry and storms off yelling to Marc that she will be the best pretend girlfriend he has ever had! Bradford goes to see Claire to see how she is doing. She insists that she has been better. He tells her that he is here for her. Daniel comes in and Claire informs them that she wants them to be a family....including Alexis! Claire then tells Bradford that he can’t fire Alexis because he doesn’t own Mode. She informs him that he is the owner of Meade Publications....but that she is the owner of Mode, and she says that Alexis stays!

    Wilhelmina goes to see Claire in the hospital. She tells Claire that she is worried about the business because Daniel and Alexis are going to kill each other. She suggests that she get her attorney to draw up a power of attorney so that she can keep things running smoothly. Claire informs her that she knows what she is about and that she will not let her get the company. Claire informs Wilhelmina that only a Meade will run this company from now on! Wilhelmina then holds a bottle of liquor in front of her face, but she still doesn’t give in to her requests. Wilhelmina puts a glass of liquor right on the table in front of Claire who is handcuffed to the bed. When she leaves Claire tries with all of her might to reach the glass, but is unsuccessful.

    Thursday, March 15 2007: Icing On the Cake

    Hilda and Justin walk in the front door and are shocked to find Ignacio hiding in the dark from his case worker. He tells them that he doesn’t know what to do about her. Justin tells them that Constance gave him $1 the other day to call her grandma! Ignacio insists that he has got to keep her happy until the court date. Daniel panics when Betty comes in and informs him that Grace is going to talk to Claire. Daniel locates them at a restaurant and tries to interrupt, but Grace insists that she be able to speak with Claire. Claire informs Grace that Faye was cruel and manipulative. Grace excuses herself to take a phone call. Daniel takes the time to ask her again to stay clear of Grace, but she insists that she knows what is best. Daniel steps out to the lobby of the restaurant and uses his charm on Grace. She tells him that he has six minutes and they rush inside the coat check room to make out. Marc cringes at what he seeing but manages to do his job. He pulls out his cell phone and starts recording.

    Betty and Gabe (her orthodontist) arrive at the party. Henry is surprised that has brought a date. Charlie tells Betty that Gabe is so cute and she can sense the chemistry between them. The four of them head over to the bar and manage to make small talk. A slow song comes on and they pair off and dance. Claire calls Betty and tells her that it is an emergency and that she needs a corporate credit card fast. Hilda gives Constance a new hair do. Constance freaks out when Hilda tells her that Ignacio has a way with the ladies. She tells Hilda that he should have told her if he was seeing someone. She tells Hilda that she is okay with it though.

    Betty arrives at Claire’s hotel room and finds her packing her bags. She tells Betty that she has got to disappear. Betty insists that she call Daniel first. Claire throws her cell phone across the room and shatters it. Betty tells Claire that she doesn’t have the credit card with her. Gabe walks in and Claire wants to know what she is doing with him when it is the accountant that she really likes. Betty plays it off by kindly suggesting that it was a long time ago when she had a crush on Henry.

    Betty takes Claire and Gabe to her house to get the credit card. Betty tries to tell her once again that she doesn’t need to leave. Claire reminds Betty that she had Faye’s brake lines cut, that she followed her for 18 miles and then she watched her crash and burn. Gabe takes this as a sign that he needs to leave, but Betty tries to play it off as a game. Betty goes upstairs to get the card and leaves the two of them alone. Ignacio walks in and mistakes Gabe for Henry. Claire corrects him and tells him that she has seen the accountant and that he is much hotter than Gabe. He once again screams to Betty that he really should go, but she yells back for her father to put on some coffee for them all. Ignacio takes Claire’s coat and asks her how she likes her coffee. She tells him “vodka and ice...hold the coffee”! She takes a seat on the couch and Constance spies through the window. Betty calls Daniel and prays that he will answer.

    Alexis shows Daniel and Grace the footage of their sexual escapade at the restaurant. She tells them that she wants Grace to remove herself from the case or she will show it to the judge. Grace becomes furious and tells Daniel that he needs a shrink and tells Alexis that she needs a closer shave! When she leaves, Daniel tells Alexis that he can’t believe what she has done. Alexis is shocked when he tells her that Claire is the one that killed Faye and that she has just put their mother in prison! A loud knock at the door suddenly comes as Ignacio is in the kitchen. Claire opens the door and finds Constance there accusing her of being the one that is stealing her man. The two of them get into a shoving match until Ignacio and Gabe come between them. Ignacio takes Constance to the kitchen and tells her that Claire is not his girlfriend....and neither is she! He turns to the sink and she slaps an electronic tacking device to his ankle. She tells him that she will now know where he is at every minute of every day! Betty rushes downstairs to see what is going on. Gabe tells her that it is obvious that she still has feelings for Henry and that he is leaving.

    Betty gives Claire the credit card so that she can leave the country. Claire tells her that she watched the man she loved love someone else and it killed her. She makes her promise not to make the same mistake that she did. Betty sits with Claire on the couch and tells her that she needs to be strong right now and that running away isn’t the answer. Claire calls the police and turns herself in for murdering Faye. The cops swarm the house and take Claire into custody. Another package arrives for Amanda. She tells the delivery guy that she has rubber burns all over her body from that dress and that she doesn’t want anymore gifts. She gets excited though when he tells her that this time it is a hat. She opens the box and puts the rubber cone shaped hat on her head. The delivery guy leaves and meets up with one of Amanda’s enemies in the hallway. The two of them laugh because the hat makes is a joke that they have worked up to play on her.

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