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    Ugly Betty CAST - Henry - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Henry Played by Christopher Gorham on Ugly Betty Daytime Soap Opera.

    Christopher Gorham as 'Henry'

    Birthday: 1974-08-14
    Birthplace: Fresno, California
    Marital Status: Married
    Real Name: Christopher Gorham
    Height: 6'



    Don't Ask, Don't Tell!

    Thursday, March 22 2007

    Marc and Betty work hard at memorizing personal information about each other so that they can muddle through dinner with their parents. Betty gets distracted for a moment when Henry comes over to drop off the mail. Henry mumbles the answers to the personal questions concerning Betty while Marc passes on them all. Henry leaves them alone so that they can finish what they are doing. Betty goes to see Daniel and tells him that his letter as the Editor needs to be stronger. She then rushes out to go home and get things together for the dinner at her house.

    Icing On the Cake

    Thursday, March 15 2007

    Betty and Gabe (her orthodontist) arrive at the party. Henry is surprised that has brought a date. Charlie tells Betty that Gabe is so cute and she can sense the chemistry between them. The four of them head over to the bar and manage to make small talk. A slow song comes on and they pair off and dance. Claire calls Betty and tells her that it is an emergency and that she needs a corporate credit card fast. Hilda gives Constance a new hair do. Constance freaks out when Hilda tells her that Ignacio has a way with the ladies. She tells Hilda that he should have told her if he was seeing someone. She tells Hilda that she is okay with it though.

    Henry goes to see Betty in her office and tells her that he hated that she had to leave so soon last night. He invites her to have lunch with Charlie and him, but Betty tells him that it is not good for her to hang out with the two of them. She tells him that she just can’t do that right now. She informs him that right now they can only be two people that happen to work in the same building. Henry gives her a slice of birthday cake and leaves. Betty focuses on her work to keep her mind off of her problems.


    Thursday, February 15 2007

    Betty goes downstairs to see Christina. They both freak out when Christina receives a call from Sarah Jessica Parker’s people claiming that she saw her work at Fashion Week. They go into panic mode when they find out that she wants Christina to design a dress for tomorrow! Christina tells Betty she can’t go to the concert because she has to get this dress done. Betty assures her that she can do it and heads to the cafeteria for lunch. While in line Betty meets a new friend ‘Charlie’ in the cafeteria. The two of them hit it off and even make plans to go to the concert together. Just then Henry comes up and says that "I see that you have already met!" Charlie and Henry hug and then he introduces her to Betty as his girlfriend!

    Hilda cuts her father’s hair as Justin stresses over a blizzard approaching the city that could threaten him getting to see Hairspray tonight. Ignacio tells Hilda that he doesn’t know if this is a good idea (inviting Santos without telling him that they are going to a musical). Hilda says that he is the one that wants to spend to more time with his son.

    Betty and Charlie are walking out in the blizzard. Betty keeps seeing Amanda’s face when she looks at all of the other patrons standing around. The voice of Amanda keeps telling her that this is her chance....that she should lose Charlie and she will be so scared that she will most definitely leave town. Betty struggles with the voices, but when the crowd starts rushing in and out of the subway car, she lets go of Charlie’s hand and the doors close.....leaving Betty on the outside and Charlie on the inside! As the subway takes off Charlie screams out for Betty. Betty comes to her senses and can’t believe that she has done this to Charlie who is brand new to New York. Betty chases after the train screaming for Charlie to get off at the next stop! Henry shows up in a panic but assures Betty that this isn’t her fault. He is shocked when she says that she thinks that she may have lost her on purpose! He tells her that he doesn’t understand what Charlie did to her to make this happen. Betty then breaks down and tells Henry that she broke up with Walter....for him! Henry rushes after her when she runs off. She tells him that she didn’t love Walter anymore and that is why she ended it with him. Henry tells her that now she will be able to find someone that sees how wonderful, kind and beautiful she is. They stare at each other and lean in to kiss. Before they actually kiss, Charlie runs up and tells her that she is in love with New York now. She insists that it must have been fate that separated them tonight.

    Scandal, Sex Change and Murder....Oh My!

    Thursday, February 08 2007

    Henry approaches Betty at the coffee counter and asks her to go see Wicked with him. Betty eagerly accepts but tenses up when he tells her that “it is a date then”! Betty tells him that Walter is still in the picture, but that they can still go as friends. Henry says that will be fine and walks away...mumbling to himself “Great...another friend”! Daniel holds a meeting with the employees, but Alexis walks in and interrupts it. She comes in and breaks the news that she is in control of Mode now. She reads out loud the contract that states that control of Mode is to go to Alexandra Spencer Meade if Bradford becomes incapacitated in anyway. She announces to the stunned workers that Daniel is fired and that Wilhelmina Slater is the new Editor-in-Chief!

    The next day Henry stops by to see Betty and gives her the tickets. He tells her that last night his ex-girlfriend came back into town and that they are going to try and make it work. He insists that she and Walter can use the tickets. Betty sadly says okay. Daniel goes to see Alexis in the board room and the two of them agree to try and make it work with each other. Wilhelmina watches from her hidden camera while the siblings shake on it. Her maid asks her what she is watching and she tells her that it is “Wilhelmina getting screwed”! Betty goes to see Claire and give her Daniels credit card for her hotel bill. Betty finds Claire to be drunk when she opens the door. Claire starts to ramble on and on and again insists that Bradford didn’t kill Faye. Claire then tells Betty that she is the one that killed Faye Summers! Betty takes a glass of liquor and turns it up!

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