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    Ugly Betty CAST - Alexis Meade - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Alexis Meade Played by Rebecca Romijn on Ugly Betty Daytime Soap Opera.

    Rebecca Romijn

    Birthday: 1972-11-06
    Birthplace: Berkeley, California USA
    Marital Status: Engaged to Jerry O'Connell (actor)
    Real Name: Rebecca Romijn
    Height: 5'11


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    Don't Ask, Don't Tell!

    Thursday, March 22 2007

    Betty tries to get away from the news cameras and ends up running directly into a wall. Justin amuses himself by watching the footage over and over again. Betty informs Hilda that Daniel’s family is in a real mess right now. At Mode, Bradford and Alexis finally face off! She tells him that she wished that he was still in prison and he tells her that she is fired! Amanda is shocked to find out that Marc still hasn’t told his mother that he is gay. He then informs her that his mother is coming to town and that he needs to end their “make believe” girlfriend/boyfriend relationship is over. He insists that after 3 years his mother is pressuring him to take the relationship to the next level. Amanda gets angry and storms off yelling to Marc that she will be the best pretend girlfriend he has ever had! Bradford goes to see Claire to see how she is doing. She insists that she has been better. He tells her that he is here for her. Daniel comes in and Claire informs them that she wants them to be a family....including Alexis! Claire then tells Bradford that he can’t fire Alexis because he doesn’t own Mode. She informs him that he is the owner of Meade Publications....but that she is the owner of Mode, and she says that Alexis stays!

    Betty tells Daniel that it may be a good thing that he and Alexis work side by side. Daniel informs her that it was never easy working directly beside Alex because he always had to pull out on top. Daniel and Alexis meet with Wilhelmina to inform her that they are both Editors-in-Chief at Mode. Daniel informs Wilhelmina that she is still the creative director. When he begins to claim what duties he will handle, Alexis interrupts and insists that she doesn’t want anything to do with the business. Daniel leaves the room and Wilhelmina rushes over to Alexis. She tells her that she has to take what belongs to her and that she can’t leave Mode. Wilhelmina then tells her that she should take her office and operate from there. Marc panics when Wilhelmina drags him down to their new office. She insists that it will be temporary. Just long enough for Alexis and Daniel to kill each other! Marc gets a text message on his cell phone informing him that his mother is in the building.

    Betty rushes to see Daniel and tells him that Alexis is planning to take over the company and push him out! Daniel puts on his jacket and goes to see his sister. Alexis tells him that they should try working together. He insists that he is not just her kid brother anymore and that he can’t push her around. She tells him that they are in this 50/50. Daniel agrees and instructs her to have her letter from the Editor ready by noon tomorrow so that they can print them side by side. When he leaves she calls in Nick (her assistant) and orders him to cancel his plans for tonight because they have to get their work completed by midnight. She informs him that Daniel is crazy if he thinks that she is going to share anything with him! Alexis has a major photo shoot and sends her pictures in to be on the next cover of the Magazine. Wilhelmina is pleased with all that she has done and insists that this is just too easy! Alexis tells them that Daniel isn’t going to know what hit him and rushes out the door.

    Icing On the Cake

    Thursday, March 15 2007

    Grace and Daniel chit chat in bed before they start the day. Daniel panics when she informs him that she needs to speak with his mother. He tells her that Claire has gone away and that she probably won’t be able to find her. Daniel then rushes out and sends Claire off to a hotel to stay. He instructs her not to talk to anyone! Amanda tells Marc that she met designer Oswald Lorenzo the other night at a party. She tells him the story of how she fought another girl for his affections at the social. Amanda opens a packaged delivery and finds a dress that Lorenzo has sent to her. She is thrilled to find out that he has named the dress after her “The Amanda”. Amanda grabs the tiny silver dress and runs to change into it. She later emerges in the dress and it fits as tight as a mermaid outfit. Amanda struggles to move around the office but refuses to take it off. Alexis goes to see Wilhelmina and tells her that she has to at least give Daniel a chance since he was willing to turn his back on their father. Alexis gets upset and leaves when she sees the news coverage of Grace Chin defending her father. Constance visits Ignacio and continues to pour on the charm. She wrestles him down and steals a kiss.

    Alexis interrupts the board meeting and yells to Daniel that they have a big problem! She tells Daniel that Grace Chin has never lost a case before and that Bradford is a murderer. She blames Bradford for causing their mother to drink hand sanitizer, for making Daniel feel miserable all those years and for preferring that she be dead vs. standing there in a dress. As Marc listens from around the corner, Daniel tells his sister that he doesn’t know anything about Grace Chin. Amanda rushes over to get the scoop and falls flat on her face because the dress is way too tight. Betty arrives for her orthodontist appointment and tells him that she snapped the wire while eating a bagel. He fixes the problem and she promises to be more careful. She jokingly tells him that he may have to have dinner with her to ensure that she doesn’t eat anything too dangerous. Her plan works and he accepts her proposal.

    Wilhelmina is thrilled to get the video that Marc has captured on his cell phone of Grace and Daniel having sex on a dirty floor. She burns it to a CD and has it delivered to Alexis. Alexis is furious to find out that Daniel has betrayed her. Wilhelmina tells her that she knows exactly how she feels because she has been betrayed by a so called friend. Grace tells Daniel that she knows that Claire is the one that killed Faye. She tells him that she is confident that she can help her mother out of the situation by getting her doctors to testify. Just then Alexis walks in and tells Daniel that the woman he says that he has never met is in his bed with him!


    Thursday, February 15 2007

    Daniel and Alexis arrive at work still on speaking terms.....which doesn't make Wilhelmina happy. Betty tells Daniel that she has something that she has to tell him and blurts out that his mother said that she is the one that killed Faye Summers! Daniel insists that Claire becomes a little deranged when she drinks a lot. Betty goes into the details about the murder and Daniel immediately rushes off to see his father. Bradford tells Daniel that there is no way that Claire did that and that he needs to focus on other things. He orders him to get Grace Chin on the case. Grace is a new lawyer that Daniel happened to stand up for a date back in college. Marc tells a stressed Wilhelmina that he will find out what is going on with Alexis. Wilhelmina calls Christina to her office and demands to know if Betty has said anything about she and Daniel. She tells Christina that her job is to “snitch”...not “stitch”. Marc informs Wilhelmina that he has discovered that Alexis’ calendar is blank and that she has no friends....of any kind. Wilhelmina takes that information and decides to run with it.

    Henry stops by to see Betty later at her desk and thanks her for getting Charlie to go out. He asks her if this is going to be weird, but she lies to him and insists that it will be fine. Amanda tells Betty that it is time to cease her inner Mode girl. Amanda suggests that she find Charlie’s biggest weakness and exploit it! Grace Chin finally arrives at Mode to meet with Daniel. Daniel thinks that he may be off the hook when Grace sticks to business. He thinks that she doesn’t remember him. She then tells him that she is the only one that can win this case. She then tells him that she is not going to take the case and that the only reason she came here was to see the look on his face when she rejected him. Daniel insists that this is about his father and wants to know if there is anything that he can do to make this up to her. Marc follows Wilhelmina’s orders and goes to hang out with Christina. He ends up helping her with the dress for Sarah Jessica Parker. The two of them go round-n-round trying to put together a dress with whatever they can find.....everything from fabric to office supplies!

    Wilhelmina and Alexis go to a bar for some drinks. Wilhelmina steps away for a minute to call Marc and see how things are going with him. She is thrilled that he and Christina are growing closer. She turns around and is upset to find Alexis talking to a guy (Joel). She rushes over and tells Alexis that it is time to go so that they can get to the show, but Alexis tells her that she would really love to stay there. They end up staying for a bit longer and Alexis hits things off with Joel. Before they finally leave, Joel asks Alexis to write down her phone number on a napkin. When she does, he screams out loud that he got it and his gang of friends starts to scream. Alexis asks what is going on, and he tells her “I don’t live in a cave....dude”! He then informs her that he knows exactly who she is and that he doesn’t date freaks. He tells her that it was just a bet to see if he could get her number. Just then Wilhelmina comes over and apologizes for not introducing herself earlier. She punches Joel right in the face and he falls off of the stool to the ground. Wilhelmina grabs Alexis and they head to the car. On their way back, Alexis thanks Wilhelmina for being there for her and also says that she is thankful that Daniel is on her side. Wilhelmina tries to remind Alexis that Daniel is the enemy and that surely she is still going to fire him. Alexis tells Wilhelmina that she wants to leave Daniel in his position and her in the one she is in. She offers to pay Wilhelmina more but insists that Daniel is her brother. Wilhelmina becomes furious and gets out of the car.

    Scandal, Sex Change and Murder....Oh My!

    Thursday, February 08 2007

    Betty watches the news coverage of the fashion show in disbelief that this is happening to someone that she knows. She explains the difference between a transsexual and a transvestite to her father. She rushes out the door to work and speeds past Walter...barely acknowledging him. Ignacio tells Walter that Betty is just really busy with work. As luck would have it, Betty arrives at Mode and shares the elevator with Alexis up to the office. Daniel goes to visit his father in jail. He tells Bradford that Claire spent the entire weekend with Alex. Bradford insists that he is innocent and that he needs Daniel to focus on running Mode.

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