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    Ugly Betty CAST - Walter

    Full detailed profile on Walter Played by Kevin Sussman on Ugly Betty Daytime Soap Opera.

    Kevin Sussman

    Actor: Kevin Sussman

    Who played Walter over the years

    Kevin Sussman

    Useful information on Walter

    *Lives in Queens.
    *He has a parrot named Gandalf.


    Current: Salesman at Pro-Buy
    Past: Employee in electronics store


    Walter has been Betty's boyfriend since they were in high school together. They formed a lasting bond as a pair of geeky social misfits. This was shattered when he had an affair with Betty's neighbor Gina Gambarro. Once this was discovered, Betty broke it off with him. Gina dumped him quickly after, confessing that she was only using him to get a discount plasma screen TV. He soon trudged back to Betty, who half-heartedly accepted him back into her life, mostly at the prompting of her family.

    While they tried to make a go of it, she became increasingly annoyed at him as he embarrassed her in public and nagged her about betraying her roots. Incapable of appreciating that she was trying something new in her life, he was even more incapable of dealing with the fact that another man might take an interest in her. When he took her to his company's Christmas party, the thought of spending the rest of her life with him finally managed to scare her off.




    Betty_Suarez Gina Gambarro


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    Thursday, February 08 2007: Scandal, Sex Change and Murder....Oh My!

    Betty watches the news coverage of the fashion show in disbelief that this is happening to someone that she knows. She explains the difference between a transsexual and a transvestite to her father. She rushes out the door to work and speeds past Walter...barely acknowledging him. Ignacio tells Walter that Betty is just really busy with work. As luck would have it, Betty arrives at Mode and shares the elevator with Alexis up to the office. Daniel goes to visit his father in jail. He tells Bradford that Claire spent the entire weekend with Alex. Bradford insists that he is innocent and that he needs Daniel to focus on running Mode.

    Claire shows up at Mode to see Daniel, and he is shocked that she is so happy. Daniel gets furious when she starts to show him all of the dresses that she has purchased for his sister. She tells Daniel not to worry about Bradford because he didnít do this. Daniel becomes worried when Claire insists that the family is finally coming together. She is thrilled that Alexis is alive....either as a man or a woman. Daniel assigns Betty the task of looking after his mother. Betty looks up and sees Walter walking around the office looking for her. She tells Daniel that she will look after Claire and rushes to gather her things. She grabs Claire and tells her that they are going to the spa. Betty gets nervous for her first time at the spa. She starts with a mud bath and then she and Claire head over to the massage table. The two of them seem to bond and Betty insists that Daniel and Alexis do have one thing in common....they both love their mother!

    On the way home Betty tells Daniel that it is not too late for him to be there for Alexis. They pull up to her house and she sees Walter standing there waiting for her. Daniel tells her that it is much harder to avoid people than it is facing them. Betty sits with Walter and tells him that he has meant so much to her.....Walter leans in and gives her a quick kiss. He tells her that he has seen this coming for a while and that he has taken the job in Maryland. They both agree that they are going to miss each other very much. Henry puts a Wicked t-shirt on Bettyís desk to get her excited about the show. He goes to the elevator and is shocked when the doors open. He asks the girl what she is doing there!

    Thursday, February 01 2007: I'm Coming Out

    Walter tells Ignacio that Betty is being really distant from him lately. Constance stops by with groceries and tells Ignacio that she is her for personal reasons....not business. She gives him the less than half full box of chocolates that she was going to give to her boyfriend. She rushes into the kitchen to make gumbo while Walter tells Ignacio that he should just tell her to leave. Ignacio insists that he canít upset his case worker. Walter says that the only thing to do then is to get Constance back with her boyfriend. Back at the show, Daniel approaches Alexis and asks if they have met before. Marc calls Amanda and tells her that she is in on the annual design scheme since he has to stay with Wilhelmina the entire time. Amanda rushes off to find the items they need. Henry tracks Betty down and gives her a smaller Mode logo shirt that will be more flattering on her. He then gets up the nerve and asks her why she never returned his call at Christmas time when he left a message about wanting to watch Rudolph with her. When he tells her that he left the message with Hilda, Betty runs off and tells Henry that she is going to be an only child soon! Betty finally finds Hilda in the salon doing the models hair. They argue and spray hairspray at each other while a model sits in the chair between them. The model lights up a cigarette and her wig catches fire. Betty has had enough and fires Hilda!

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