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    Ugly Betty CAST - Christina

    Full detailed profile on Christina Played by Ashley Jensen on Ugly Betty Daytime Soap Opera.

    Ashley Jensen

    Actor: Ashley Jensen

    Who played Christina over the years

    Ashley Jensen

    Useful information on Christina

    * Wilhelmina believes that she is actually Irish because she is often drunk at work.
    * 'Braveheart' is Amanda's nickname for her.


    Current: Seamstress at MODE


    A young Christina left Scotland for America with dreams of becoming a fashion designer. While she still clings to this ambition, she has become more cynical, realizing that the caustic and superficial world of fashion is brutal to the less than perfect. However, she still loves it, despite its faults and relishes all the cast-offs she stows away at work.

    As the resident seamstress, she occupies a unique position in the magazine. She is one of the few characters who openly speak their minds with virtual indemnity, often through acidic quips hidden by her accent. In this way, she gets the better of Wilhelmina who has the habit of using her as her own personal dresser.

    Coming from a large immigrant family, she can relate easily to Betty and was the first person to befriend Betty. She has served as her confidant and chief source of advice in dealing with the intricacies of office politics.


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    Thursday, March 15 2007: Icing On the Cake

    Daniel tells Betty that she can’t let anyone know that he is sleeping with Grace Chin....especially Alexis. Betty swears to keep the secret and heads downstairs to see Christina. Betty tries to deny it when Christina starts gossiping about Daniel and Grace sleeping together, but Christina sees right through it. Henry stops in and gives Betty the invitation to Charlie’s birthday party. Christina is surprised to hear that she is going, but Betty informs her that she does not want to lose Henry as a friend. Christina insists that Betty will need a date for the evening. They ponder the thought and Betty calls her orthodontist for an appointment and informs him that a wire has snapped on her braces. He tells her to come in for another visit. She hangs up the phone and turns to Christina with a big smile. Christina then reaches in and snaps a wire on the braces for her.

    Marc and Wilhelmina plow through the closet looking for a specific dress. When Christina tells them that Daniel had it, Wilhelmina becomes suspicious. She demands to know what Daniel did with the dress but Christina insists that she doesn’t know. Wilhelmina threatens to call Betty and tell her that Christina is the one that took the evidence on Bradford to the police department. Christina lashes out at her and tells her that she can’t keep treating her like this. Christina gives in and tells them that Daniel gave the dress to Grace Chin. Both Wilhelmina and Marc are puzzled since Daniel has told everyone that he doesn’t even know Grace. Wilhelmina quickly puts 2 and 2 together and insists that Daniel is sleeping with his father’s lawyer. Wilhelmina orders Marc to follow Daniel everywhere he goes and to get proof of his affair with Grace.

    Thursday, February 15 2007: DERAILED

    Daniel and Alexis arrive at work still on speaking terms.....which doesn't make Wilhelmina happy. Betty tells Daniel that she has something that she has to tell him and blurts out that his mother said that she is the one that killed Faye Summers! Daniel insists that Claire becomes a little deranged when she drinks a lot. Betty goes into the details about the murder and Daniel immediately rushes off to see his father. Bradford tells Daniel that there is no way that Claire did that and that he needs to focus on other things. He orders him to get Grace Chin on the case. Grace is a new lawyer that Daniel happened to stand up for a date back in college. Marc tells a stressed Wilhelmina that he will find out what is going on with Alexis. Wilhelmina calls Christina to her office and demands to know if Betty has said anything about she and Daniel. She tells Christina that her job is to “snitch”...not “stitch”. Marc informs Wilhelmina that he has discovered that Alexis’ calendar is blank and that she has no friends....of any kind. Wilhelmina takes that information and decides to run with it.

    Betty goes downstairs to see Christina. They both freak out when Christina receives a call from Sarah Jessica Parker’s people claiming that she saw her work at Fashion Week. They go into panic mode when they find out that she wants Christina to design a dress for tomorrow! Christina tells Betty she can’t go to the concert because she has to get this dress done. Betty assures her that she can do it and heads to the cafeteria for lunch. While in line Betty meets a new friend ‘Charlie’ in the cafeteria. The two of them hit it off and even make plans to go to the concert together. Just then Henry comes up and says that "I see that you have already met!" Charlie and Henry hug and then he introduces her to Betty as his girlfriend!

    Hilda cuts her father’s hair as Justin stresses over a blizzard approaching the city that could threaten him getting to see Hairspray tonight. Ignacio tells Hilda that he doesn’t know if this is a good idea (inviting Santos without telling him that they are going to a musical). Hilda says that he is the one that wants to spend to more time with his son.

    Henry stops by to see Betty later at her desk and thanks her for getting Charlie to go out. He asks her if this is going to be weird, but she lies to him and insists that it will be fine. Amanda tells Betty that it is time to cease her inner Mode girl. Amanda suggests that she find Charlie’s biggest weakness and exploit it! Grace Chin finally arrives at Mode to meet with Daniel. Daniel thinks that he may be off the hook when Grace sticks to business. He thinks that she doesn’t remember him. She then tells him that she is the only one that can win this case. She then tells him that she is not going to take the case and that the only reason she came here was to see the look on his face when she rejected him. Daniel insists that this is about his father and wants to know if there is anything that he can do to make this up to her. Marc follows Wilhelmina’s orders and goes to hang out with Christina. He ends up helping her with the dress for Sarah Jessica Parker. The two of them go round-n-round trying to put together a dress with whatever they can find.....everything from fabric to office supplies!

    Wilhelmina shows up and tells Marc and Christina that they need a new plan because Alexis has changed her mind. Christina tells her that she is not one of her flying monkeys, but Wilhelmina quickly reminds her that she is. She tells her that if it wasn’t for her she would never have gotten noticed at fashion week. Later Marc and Christina are alone again in the office when Sarah Jessica Parker’s people call and tell her that they have changed their mind about the dress. Marc tells her that “Willy” certainly works fast. He insists that there is no need to worry and that it will get easier. Claire goes to see Bradford and tells him that she is going to turn herself in! Bradford screams for her not too, but she insists that she has to.

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