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    Ugly Betty CAST - Hilda Suarez

    Full detailed profile on Hilda Suarez Played by Ana Ortiz on Ugly Betty Daytime Soap Opera.

    Ana Ortiz
    Hilda Suarez

    Actor: Ana Ortiz

    Who played Hilda Suarez over the years

    Ana Oritz

    Useful information on Hilda Suarez

    * Lives in Queens with her family.
    * Lifelong enemies with neighbor Gina Gamabrro.
    * Had to drop out of college before her first class when she went in labor on the bus.
    * Former Miss Teen of Queens.


    Current: Health Supplement salesperson for Herbalux


    Nothing is more important to Hilda than her family. This can often lead to overbearing behavior, particularly where it concerns Betty and her father. She has insistently disapproved of Betty's working at MODE. To her, Betty's movement in its exalted circles is a threat to the family. To remedy this, she continues to suggest that her sister come to work with her selling herbal remedies. She has also meddled in her sister's love life, trying to push her back with Walter and away from Henry.

    Recently, this protective element of her personality led her to employing a lawyer of dubious reputation to assist in her father's immigration problems. When the lawyer ran off with all of their money, Hilda had to admit that she was blinded with trying to do the right thing by the family. She also admitted that this was an attempt to outshine Betty who is clearly her father's favorite daughter. Her son Justin is the product of her on-again, off-again relationship with Santos. Although they clearly care about one another, she refuses to commit to a lasting relationship with him because of his gambling problems and erratic lifestyle.






    Ignacio_Suarez (father)
    Betty_Suarez (daughter)


    Justin_Suarez (son with Santos)


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    Thursday, March 22 2007: Don't Ask, Don't Tell!

    Betty tries to get away from the news cameras and ends up running directly into a wall. Justin amuses himself by watching the footage over and over again. Betty informs Hilda that Daniel’s family is in a real mess right now. At Mode, Bradford and Alexis finally face off! She tells him that she wished that he was still in prison and he tells her that she is fired! Amanda is shocked to find out that Marc still hasn’t told his mother that he is gay. He then informs her that his mother is coming to town and that he needs to end their “make believe” girlfriend/boyfriend relationship is over. He insists that after 3 years his mother is pressuring him to take the relationship to the next level. Amanda gets angry and storms off yelling to Marc that she will be the best pretend girlfriend he has ever had! Bradford goes to see Claire to see how she is doing. She insists that she has been better. He tells her that he is here for her. Daniel comes in and Claire informs them that she wants them to be a family....including Alexis! Claire then tells Bradford that he can’t fire Alexis because he doesn’t own Mode. She informs him that he is the owner of Meade Publications....but that she is the owner of Mode, and she says that Alexis stays!

    Marc, Jean and Lady Buttons (her cat) arrive at the Suarez household for dinner. Hilda insists to Marc that she wouldn’t have missed this evening for the world. Betty and Marc struggle to make conversation during the dinner. Betty focuses the conversation on Jean and her cats. Jean then brings up Marc’s old roommate chuck Marc quickly insists that they weren’t that close. Hilda and Ignacio make numerous comments hinting to homosexuality and giggle at the situation. Things get a little too intense and Betty excuses them to her room. She informs Marc that he is a grown man and that he needs to tell her the truth. Marc insists that if tells her the truth is going to ruin things between them. Betty assures him that it is the right thing to do and that it will make their relationship better. Justin arrives and complains to everyone that his father took him out for fast food and that he trying his best to watch points for swim suit season. He then shows off his “Free Claire Meade” t-shirt. He insists that he is not going to rest until that woman is free! Lady Buttons notices the door open and runs out. Ignacio runs after her and sets the alarm off from his ankle monitoring device. Jean sits in shock of all that is going on around her. The doorbell rings and Daniel enters the room. When Jean asks who he is, Justin tells her that Daniels is Betty’s ex-boyfriend!

    Thursday, March 15 2007: Icing On the Cake

    Hilda and Justin walk in the front door and are shocked to find Ignacio hiding in the dark from his case worker. He tells them that he doesn’t know what to do about her. Justin tells them that Constance gave him $1 the other day to call her grandma! Ignacio insists that he has got to keep her happy until the court date. Daniel panics when Betty comes in and informs him that Grace is going to talk to Claire. Daniel locates them at a restaurant and tries to interrupt, but Grace insists that she be able to speak with Claire. Claire informs Grace that Faye was cruel and manipulative. Grace excuses herself to take a phone call. Daniel takes the time to ask her again to stay clear of Grace, but she insists that she knows what is best. Daniel steps out to the lobby of the restaurant and uses his charm on Grace. She tells him that he has six minutes and they rush inside the coat check room to make out. Marc cringes at what he seeing but manages to do his job. He pulls out his cell phone and starts recording.

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